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2640UFO Sightings Reported Across California | VIDEO

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Jan 2, 2014
      Dear Group,
      Bet your last dollar that this recent California New years
      Day UFO sighting is for sure true! If you live in California, and was lucky to
      have witnessed this sighting last night or New Years day, by all means, would
      you be kind and brave enough to share what was relayed to you from these benign
      space visitors.
      UFO Sightings Reported Across California | VIDEO
      SACRAMENTO - From Placer County to the Hollywood Hills,
      people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky on New Year's Eve.

      Terry and Hans Mauth of Auburn said they watched a large egg-shaped object with
      a bright light shining upward drift over their neighborhood, then suddenly

      "There was no sound, that's the funny thing," Terry said. "Just
      this big illuminated form."

      Steven Brown of Sacramento reported a similar sighting above Belle Cooledge

      "Whatever it was moved up and to the left," he explained. "It
      hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, then it took off at a high rate of


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