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    Jai Shree Swaminarayan!!!   With the Blessings of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan, Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swami, Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami &
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      Jai Shree Swaminarayan!!!


      "With the Blessings of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan, Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swami, Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami & Sadguru Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami - News Update from SSGP Gurukul Family"





      Pushpadolotsav Celebration


      In the divine presence of

      Pujyapad Shree Jogiswami &

      Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami 


      Sunday 20th March 2011, 8:30am onwards


      Venue: Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul

      Memnagar, Ahmedabad, India


      Click here: Pushpadolotsav - Rangotsav Photo Gallery - 2010




















      SSGP-Tanzania EVENT


      Hindu Lifestyle Seminar - Arusha

      (Satsang Shibir)


      In the divine presence of


      Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami


      22nd to 25th April 2011


      Organised by: Shree Tanzania Swaminarayan Mandir

      P. O. Box 20548, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
      Tel: +255-22-2151464, Cell: +255-71-3778855



      You may contact the organiser for detail information:

      Premjibhai Varsani (Chairman): +255-773-344111, premradha@...
      Laljibhai Varsani (V.Chairman): +255-773-338466, lalji@...

      Jayanti V. Patel: +255-784-723456, arushaaggregates@...

      Mitesh K. Valambhia: +255-713-778855, info@...






      Thakar Thali Utsav



      Pujyapad Shree Jogiswami’s

      107th Janm Jayanti Celebration


      Sunday 1st May 2011, 5pm to 8:00pm


      Venue: Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple

      22/24 Shaftesbury Road
      Forest Gate, East London - E7 8PD


      Click here: Past celebration @ East London Mandir Photo Gallery


      Click here: Pujyapad Shree Jogiswami Jivan Darshan Video Gallery
























      Pujya M. Swamiji’s prayers for Japan victims…


      Let us all join hands and hearts to help the victims and survivors, and comfort the families which have lost their loved ones. Japan is the land of freedom and opportunity, and in this time of need we all join together in prayers and peace.

      With innermost prayers.

      Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadas

      (M. Swami - SSGP Gurukul Family)



      New: Click here....Pad Yatra from SGVP to Chhapaiya - Jan 2011 Photo Gallery


      New: Click here....SGVP International School Photo Gallery


      Click here....Satsang Sadhana Shibir - Rushikesh Himalaya Photo Gallery


      Click here…SSGP-UK Photo Album


      Click here…SSGP Gurukul Parivar Youtube Channel



      Direct Contact of

      Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami

      Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul

      Vishwavidya Pratishthanam (SGVP)
      S G Highway, Chharodi
      Ahmedabad - 382 481
      Gujarat - India

      India M: +91 98250 72110
      India O: +91 2717 242 141/2
      UK M: +44 778 737 6672
      US M: +1 973 747 8225


      Email: mpswami@...

      Web: www.sgvp.org

      Web: www.swaminarayangurukul.org



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