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Response from DHSD - Centcom Medical Surveillance Dec 1990

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  • Kirt Love
    Dear Readers Been hounding and pressing this issue for the last year and a half. Finally got a response from Bub Dunlap at DHSD today on the Centcom Medical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2005
      Dear Readers
      Been hounding and pressing this issue for the last year and
      a half. Finally got a response from Bub Dunlap at DHSD today
      on the Centcom Medical survey. Disease Case Reports in
      Dec 1990 of Desert Shield.
      The reason it doesnt show up on the net is because the OCR
      of the original document on the OSAGWI website is scrambled.
      Its nothing of value. So they declassified part of it, but never
      addressed it any detail or description of the image file.
      I had wondered why Maxwell Air Force Base focused on this
      one survey but not the bulk of the others - this one confirms what
      I have said for years - that West Nile Virus came from Iraq with us.
      If the NAVY recognized even one case - then American troops
      brought it home to America. If I am reading the data right, we
      had 981 cases of it in the Navy? They report 1 case ( 0.03), but
      they are reporting by the case rates / 1,000. My thinking is even
      one case is news, so this needs confirmation.
      ( Blood Serology by Navy)
      The numerical data doesnt make sense though, as math variables
      do not match cases. They reported cases in percentage by 1,000,
      but it doesnt match survey group data. If Centaf ( Air Force ) says
      it reported 36,150 surveyed troops that month, and 172 had
      gastrointestinal disorders - how can 4.8% equal 1,720 ( .0475 ) 
      when it equals 1,735 ( .048 ) at cases per 1,000. Numbers are
      rounded down, but not percentages. Except psyche which is rounded up.
      Heat Cold    1000 vs 1085
      Gastro         1720 vs 1735
      Resp           7302 vs 7290
      Derm           3434 vs 3440
      Optho            976 vs 960
      psych          1240 vs 1229
      Ortho/Surg   5230 vs 5242 
      Med             2590 vs 2602
      misc          12,400 vs12,399
      Total difference 35,892 vs 35,982 out of 36,150 (258 vs 168 missing ) 
      What is this with the 12,399 cases of misc medical problems, thats
      pretty vague for 34.3% of the troops in that Centaf survey. Combined
      with the 7,985 Marcent / Navcent equals 20,384 mystery conditions.
      Dont think this is hang nails at Christmas.
      The good news is we have a FOIA in on this, and I will push NARA
      to sift the 700,000 records at Suitland for additional info. Because
      the diarrhea disease data is most definitely being mispreported.
      Why did this take a year for DHSD to respond to, and why didnt
      they answer about the webpages before this. Why did I have to involve
      the Inspector General and the Whitehouse to get this. Well, its entered
      into the record at Government Reform as Tuesday the 19th, 2005.
                                                              Kirt P. Love
                                                              Director, DSBR

      Document Secret
      Medical Surveillance
      December 16-22nd 1990
      69,875 troops / 23.3% of troops in theater
      Centaf                        36,150
      Navcent  / Marcent      33,725
      No Arcent data
      Medical tracking for Arcent was logged at
      196,663 in Dec 1990 though not reported to Centcom
      in disease case reports?
      One most noted feature:
      Cases of West Nile Virus

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