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Semantics of the IOM charter - 4 simultaneous Gulf War reviews

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  • Kirt Love
    Semantics of the IOM charter - 4 simultaneous Gulf War reviews Ive had some difficulty understanding what has taken place around this one committee, as I find
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2005
      Semantics of the IOM charter -
      4 simultaneous Gulf War reviews
      Ive had some difficulty understanding what has taken place
      around this one committee, as I find suddenly we have
      4 independent Gulf War IOM committees to include one
      specifically on Gulf War Stress.
      After talking ad nauseam with Caroline Fulco at IOM, I managed
      several more internal details. One ticklish point, the Gulf War
      literature review meetings are not public from here out - unless
      we ask to address the committee at that time. Note, the schedule
      for the meetings are:

      February 17-18   DC

      April 20-21         DC (Open 4/20)

      June 7-8              Irvine 

      August 9-10        Woods Hole

      October 25-26    DC

      But, they do not have agendas schedules yet. So we wont be

      able to comment until agendas are posted. Meaning this could

      be last minute if people arent awake on this.


      Here is another problem, this is the "statement of charges" to

      the IOM that they must follow. If they deviate from this, when

      the independent review takes place, it can be rejected which

      will leave this in limbo.

      An IOM committee will review, evaluate, and summarize peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature addressing the health status of Gulf War veterans.  In particular, this review will help inform the Department of Veterans Affairs of illnesses among Gulf War veterans that might not be fully appreciated. 


      The committee will summarize what this literature collectively tells us about the prevalence of veterans' symptoms and illnesses.  If the evidence allows, the committee will comment on associations of the symptoms or illnesses with deployment in the Persian Gulf in general or with specific exposures during such deployment.  The committee might recommend approaches that will contribute to improved health of Gulf War veterans, as well as for those involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

      "If the evidence allows", this means finding Peer Reviewed

      reports in which the researcher has commented on stumbling

      blocks impeeding research. If the veterans couldnt be found,

      then this is where we can interject the VA / DOD structures

      that lead to that possible failure. Interpretation here isnt liberal,

      this will be tricky at best. That opens the door for the committee

      to in return comment on this fact. But, blocks can be removed -

      if we watch for them. Which allows for public sessions.


      Here we go again, this meeting was on 03/29/2005.

      No annoucement. 

      Gulf War and Health: Infectious Diseases


      In early 2005, an IOM committee will begin to review, evaluate, and summarize the peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature on long-term adverse human health effects associated with selected infectious diseases of concern to 1991 Gulf War veterans. 

      The infectious diseases can include, but are not limited to, diseases caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli, shigellosis, leishmaniasis, and sandfly fever.


      Tuesday, March 29, 2005
      1:00 PM Charge to the committee, Q & A period
      Mark Brown, DVA

      1:45 Public Comment Period

      2:00 End of open session

      There next meetings are:

      May 26-27          DC (Open 5/26)

      August 23-24       DC

      November 9-10   DC or Irvine

      No one attended this either, public session. But, wait -

      there is more. A Gulf War Stress report.

      Gulf War and Health: Physiologic, Psychologic, and Psychosocial Effects of Deployment-Related Stress


      Gulf War and Health: Physiologic, Psychological, and Psychosocial effe
      May 9, 2005 - May 10, 2005

      National Academy of Sciences Building
      2100 C St. NW
      Washington, DC

      If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open to the public or need more information please contact:
      Contact Name: Damika Webb
      Phone: 202 334 2782
      Fax: 202 334 2939

      5/9/05 Open Session 1-2 PM Dr. Mark Brown, Department of Veterans Affairs, will present the charge to the committee.


      Next meetings are:


      May 9-10              DC

      July 11-12             DC (Open 7/11)

      September 26-27  Woods Hole or DC

      November 21-22   DC


      Gulf War and Health: ALS


      Contract and schedule Pending


      So all this is going on, and no one knows this. Well,

      that has changed as of today. When I cornered IOM

      last week on the schedule, who knew this went even

      this much further. Where are the Service groups, why

      did I have to surprise Damika and Caroline on the

      schedules. Why the sudden change, and volunteering

      so much now.


      Ive even been invited now to conference call next week

      on a VA workshop, so this should be interesting.


      OK people, Ive opened pandora's box here - this effects

      us for the next year in a major way. We back away, DOD

      and VA hammer us with the literature as they push STRESS.

      If we stand up and ask the Secretary of VA to use his

      authority to slightly expand the IOM charter under 105-368 -

      change is on the horizon.


      What will all of you do.



                                                  Kirt P. love

                                                  Director, DSBR


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