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Fw: Government Gulf War Websites that no longer exist

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  • Kirt Love
    Dear Readers OK, I would have lost the bet - though the response letter the next day is some kind of record for these guys. Notice though, the links I found
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2005
      Dear Readers
      OK, I would have lost the bet - though the response letter the
      next day is some kind of record for these guys. Notice though,
      the links I found last night are what they sent me today. So I
      really am in rare form on this.
      Onto the next thing.
                              Kirt P. Love
                              Director, DSBR
       Dear Mr. Love:
           Thank you for your recent e-mail.  This is Robert, and I am again
       responding on behalf of the Director of Deployment Health Support.
           We have the Presidential Oversight Board information on our
       GulfLINK web page.  You can find it using the URL:
           You will find the Presidential Oversight Committee information
       on GulfLINK also at:
           The Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program has been
       replaced by the Post Deployment Health Clinical Practice
       Guidelines.  The information on this program can be found
       on the Deployment Health Clinical Center web site at:
      You can find information on the transition from CCEP to the
       new program at:
      The DeploymentLINK web site links to the Deployment
       Health Clinical Center web site at:
           The web team is still working on providing the information
       from the Military and Veterans Health Coordinating Board
           We hope this information is helpful.

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      To: "Kirt Love" <DSBR@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 10:06 AM
      Subject: Government Gulf War Websites that no longer exist

      > Dear Special Assistant
      > Will you be
      replacing the following websites on the
      > Gulflink.osd.mil website, or the
      > website. If so, will these be the complete
      > done in subdomain fashion - or peice meal.
      > Presidential Special Oversight Board
      > Presidential Advisory Committee
      > Military Health Veterans Coordinating Board
      > Also, CCEP still exist - so will you be replacing the
      > Health
      Affairs webpage that explains the program.
      > CCEP
      Clinical Comprehensive Evaluation Program
                                                      Kirt P. Love
                                                      Director, DSBR
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      > From: <
      > To: "Kirt Love" <
      > Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 4:22 PM
      > Subject:
      DHSD blow off of the Gulf War Veterans, programs, website
      > Dear Mr. Love:
      >     Thank you
      for your recent e-mail.  My name is Robert, and I am
      > responding on
      behalf of the Director of Deployment Health Support.
          Our web site technicians are aware of the dead links you referred
      > to in your earlier e-mail.  Some of those links are for
      information that
      > was located on web sites that are no longer in
      service.  Our web
      > team is in the process of finding alternate ways
      to provide the
      > information on our web site.
          Our office has made a good faith effort to post the results of our
      > VSO/MSO meetings for review on our web site.  Although we
      > not have always been prompt in the past, the January 2005
      > February 2005 meeting summaries have been posted for some
      time now.  In fact, we have posted all of the monthly meeting notes
      for the past year in a timely manner.  The March 2005 summary
      should be posted this week.
      >     You contacted
      our office to request assistance with a problem
      > you had with the
      Department of Veterans Affairs on their combining
      > the Persian Gulf
      coordinator duties into a position that was already
      > responsible for
      other programs.  We had already informed you
      > that we made contact
      with the VA and apprised you that we had
      > begun the process to address
      your issues.  We have done this
      > at several levels and continue to
      do so.
      >     We appreciate your concerns and will
      continue to work with
      > you to address them.  Although you have
      requested to meet
      > with Dr. Kilpatrick, Ms. Goodno, the Outreach
      Director, is the
      > point of contact for individuals and veterans
      > who have issues they wish addressed.  She is
      available to
      > discuss your specific issues.  Contact us by telephone
      > e-mail and we will arrange a time for you to talk to her.
      >     Thank you again for writing.  We look forward
      to hearing
      > from you again soon.

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      From: Kirt Love
      Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 12:13 AM
      Subject: [gulflink] PSOB and PAC now up at Gulflink.osd.mil

      Dear Readers
      Talking about fast, they didnt post to me any of the
      change information - I found this by my usual methods.
      My methods are weird, but they work.
      PSOB and PAC are being run as subdomains of
      gulflink.osd.mil website.
      Lets see how many weeks it takes DHSD to respond
      to my request of where these sites where going to
      end up. My money is one two weeks, enough time
      for them to consult the Ouiji Board on how best to
      dissapoint the rest of us.
                                      Kirt P. Love
                                      Director. DSBR
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      The Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses terminated November 1997 and its Web page now resides, unedited, in its final form on the GulfLINK server. For your convenience, the Web address remains the same.
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