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As warriors get sick, as veterans forgets

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  • Kirt Love
    I know, who cares about another article about us. Just maintaining our presence in Europe, and keeping them interested if that is possible. This is our third
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2003
      I know, who cares about another article about us.
      Just maintaining our presence in Europe, and keeping them
      interested if that is possible. This is our third article this
      week, to include the Freedom magazine article that no one
      commented on.
      People, its not the Washington Post - but right now any media
      is better than no media.
      I think I did a much better job with the translation this time,
      my German is getting better.
      I told off several writers this week to include Associated Press,
      they just wont write the whole story. Which I am sure DOD loves.
      They always choose the story content, and I really want to talk
      about the Washington DC area more than about my illness.
      Well, there is still more in the wings.
                                                                  Kirt P. Love
                                                                  Director, DSBR

      As warriors get sick, as veterans forgets
      They have won the first campaign for America, now they are invalid.
      And possibly also the new Gulf war leaves his syndrome - under the
      soldier, but also among Iraq civilians.
      Viola Keeve - De Bunde - Cologne Germany
      Saturday, 03.05.2003, Ausgabe-Nr. 102, Ressort Kleiner Bund
      "The Desert winds sweeps over the country daily and whirls
      dust around", Kirt Love says. The 39-year old is Gulf War veteran.
      "If a tank goes up in flames, depleted uranium is set free, very
      fine particles. You inhale it, it fastens on the skin, in your clothing.
      They know, that it is dangerous, nevertheless they have put in it
      again." veterans like Love knows the dangers from the last Gulf
      war; they warned of the new in vain.
      Over 100'000 soldiers the operation "Desert Storm" suffers at the
      Gulf War syndrome today: Rash, diarrhea, fevers, memory-difficulties,
      muscle - and joint-pains, unrest, nightmares, depressions, aggressions,
      permanent tiredness. The first GI of the operation become soon "Iraqi
      Freedom" from the gulf possibly comes back with quite similar
      The Stress grown not?
      "For the Pentagon is clear the case: Such soldiers have not
      become ready with the burden of the war. That is shaming,
      many go home and talk about it", Kirt Love says embittered.
      to 1991, he belonged to a signal-unit, that found out positions
      of the Iraqi front for the advancing artillery. "That was quite
      creepy, because we were at it very near and had no heavy
      arms", he says. "We could observe the other side merely and
      could only hope, that they don't kill us."
      After end of war, in May 1991, he watched as US-special units
      demolished Iraqi ammunition-bunkers. "The chemicals burned
      down in different colors", says he, a firework, a colorful trip. The
      Pentagon claimed later, Kirt Love has been distant 35 kilometers
      of the explosion. "It was 1.5 k increase not", he emphasizes. "One
      could walk there."
      All the more furious did the return of the soldiers to America nine
      months later: It was no reception for heroes. Vietnam-veterans
      even said, for a real war, the fight has been too short at the golf.
      1993, Kirt Love became sick, disabled, his family turned away.
      Already in his unit, he had gained weight suddenly like other GI
      strongly. "First thought that I, okay, the age is. Later I have found
      out that the one of the symptoms is if they was exposed chemical
      war agents." Love lost the feeling in hands and feet, could neither
      eat drinks. "Meals felt like shattered glass, water like battery-acid",
      he says. "The best went it with a spoon of powdered sulphur, an
      old home-remedy. I know today that veterinarians apply it with
      heavy inflammations of animals." at what he suffered, he doesn't
      know until today. "I it wanted that doctors examine my tissue, in
      vain." he rubs with the hand over the eyes and lifts the T-shirt. "The
      simplest, to analyze the fat-tissue at the stomach, would be, that
      stores chemicals and metals, that the body has lifted, the longest."
      then twitches he with the shoulders. "Not even one hair-analysis
      wanted to do it. That shows however: They want no answers."
      Love has established a support-organization meanwhile and
      drives an Internet website (http://www.gulflink.org), on which, he
      doesn't say without pride, regularly also people of the Pentagon
      surf. He has entered a small success: Since January, twelve years
      after his use, he is regarded hindered as 60 percent and receives
      800 dollars per month. Previously, it was 103.
      The American medicine-historian Elaine show-ages holds that
      "Gulf War syndrome" for a mass-phenomenon, a hysterical epidemic.
      Also media-researchers know: the more reports, the more sick
      persons. It is showy however that veterans of the gulf suffer from the
      typical troubles like repatriates from other wars double so frequently.
      Medical studies have covered meanwhile that it is more than a
      post traumatic stress disorder: Not the head, the body is sick.
      Over the cause puzzles experts still. Was it the fine, radioactive
      dust-particles of the uranium-containing US-Munition, that were
      inhaled by the soldiers? Their ultramodern electromagnetic arms
      with extremely long-wave radiation?Chemical weapons, that were
      destroyed by the GI? Anti-poison-gas-pills, that soldier swallowed?
      Or the smoke of the burning oil-wells?
      There are theses, proof not
      Possibly, the illnesses are to be attributed also to multiple-
      vaccinations. According to one lately in the "British Medical
      journal" published study is caused the symptoms like depressions,
      fatigue and strong headaches by combining of Stressed hormone
      and different vaccines. The soldiers were vaccinated normally
      against tetanuses, cholera, hepatitis, polio and typhi. However,
      the side-effects of such a cocktail are not completely explored
      up to now. Also certain chemicals, with which US-Toxicologists
      have now generated symptoms, that resemble those of the Gulf
      War veterans, with rats for the first time, are under the suspicion.
      How American researcher in the "journal of Toxicology and
      Environmental Health" has reported, the attempt-bulls were
      exposed to three active substances, with which the Pentagon
      twelve years ago the armed forces before epidemics transferred
      insects and before annoy-gas wanted to protect: the insecticde
      DEET, the insecticide Permethrin and Pyrido stigminebromide.
      A bulk of the cells had degenerated in the sex-organs, Mohamed
      Abou-Donia of the Duke University says in North Carolina: "It it
      seems as if a combination of Stress with these three chemicals
      causes heaviest damages of the testicle-tissue and the Sperm
      production; Conditions, that also Gulf War soldiers were exposed."
      More than 200 million dollars, the Department of Defense has
      spent up to now in order to examine the syndrome. Result: No
      scientifically verifiable context exists between the illnesses and
      the war at the gulf. They are not regarded in the USA as
      occupation-illness until now. Result of the war of 1991: From
      700'000 soldiers, only 300 died, only 400 were injured
      approximately 200'000 GI, who fought in Kuwait, has submitted
      Affairs propositions with the Department of veteran because of
      medical problems. Just like Kirt Love.
      Unloved heroes
      The mechanic is unemployed today. "Who already takes somebody,
      that cannot concentrate? There is sufficiently other." that has
      been different before the war. There he has done in the intelligence-
      test better, Venus-Val Hammack supplements. He lives with the
      47-year old in Mount Jackson in Virginia. Also sht is Veteran,
      worked in the war in the headquarters in Ryhad and received
      heavy breath - and weight-problems after her return. "I became
      sick, only weighed 44 kilos and had to retire from the service",
      she says. "A specialist has proven late heavy metals in the blood."
      unremittingly quotes both veterans studies, photos and documents,
      letter of the authorities proof, show that that, about which they talk,
      is real. For twelve years, Love has produced a register of all veterans
      with Gulf War syndrome, their use-places, illnesses, collects
      possessed information to the old and to the new war of new
      chemical fight-materials up to the number of the ordered body
      Venus-Val Hammacks and Kirt Love feel as the actual losers of
      the war at the golf, as unloved heroes, forgotten warriors. In the
      Pentagon, one even rumors, some veterans faked their ailment.
      That outrages them particularly. Therefore, they fight bitter for the
      examination of the causes and the compensation of sick veterans.
      "Above all that fears the Pentagon", Love says. "It would cost more
      than hundred billion dollars, only at compensation, not once
      treatment and research."
      With the pictures from Tikrit, Baghdad and Basra, old memories
      become awake at 1991. Hammack escaped a Scud-Rocket, Love
      a rocket-impact in the nightly bombardment between British and
      Egyptians and the republican guards. If the USA now took Syria
      into the visor still, Kirt Love only knows: "US-Soldiers should defend
      America in the country, more not. I am a veteran. Bush is not it."
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