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Feast of Nossa Senhora de Brotas 2004 (Anjediva Island) / 2nd Feb. 2004

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    (Picture courtesy: www.thegoanforum.com & www.colaco.net ) http://www.colaco.net/1/AbreuAnjediva1.htm http://www.colaco.net/1/Anjadiva.htm It is now final the
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      The historic  Anjediva Church made out of bounds (Picture courtesy: www.thegoanforum.com & www.colaco.net )




      It is now final the Feast of Nossa Senhora de Brotas (Our Lady of Springs ) will be held on 2nd February,
      2004 at Anjediva Island Off Canacona - Binaga Karwar. 
      As per the  discussion held with Fr Britto D'Silva - Parish Priest of St Anne's Church Binaga Karwar
      representative of the Archdiocese of Goa & Daman with the Station Commander Sea Bird Project Cmdr S. S.
      Karnik it now finally agreed that the following travel advisory needs to be strictly adhered to, on the Feast
      Owing to paucity of time due publicity may be given to these so that the faithful can partake in the
      TRAVEL ADVISORY TO VISITORS TO ANJEDIVA ISLAND off Canacona, Goa as per directions conveyed to Fr. Britto
      D'Silva for STRICT adherence on the Feast day.
      Visitors from Goa availing the Kadamaba State Transport Corporation Ltd  or  Karnataka State
      trancport bus service should get down at Karwar Bus Stand. 
      From there proceed to ENTRY GATE OF OFFICERS COLONY SEA BIRD -- Binaga  either by availing shared (4
      commuters) autorickshaw -- from Subhas Circle near the Karwar Bus stand Sea Bird Project 4 kms 
      Those coming by private bus and vehicles from Goa will proceed straight to the Entry Gate of Officers Colony
      Sea Bird --- Binaga.
      The visitors will be issued VISITORS PASS by the officers manning the gate and subject to all
      conditions if any imposed by the Sea Bird authorities.
      Private buses will be permitted to park their vehicles within the Officers Complex.
      The ENTRY gates will be open from 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. ONLY.
      Once the VISITORS PASS is issued they will be transported to the Island by the Sea Bird Project
      Since the construction works are underway alongside and there is a lot of rubble and construction material
      on the pathway, one should ensure proper footwear for easy walk. 
      Kindly avoid bringing children in arms and infirm persons due to unfavourable ground conditions on the
      There is no safe drinking water, nor  eatables available on the Island hence one should ensure that
      they carry a light snack, fruits and drinking water bottle. There may be very limited drinking water
      arrangements made. Please ensure that one travels light with only hand bags containing the light lunch
      and water bottles.
      Consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited and persons found in inebriated conditions or carrying
      alcohol  will be summarily detained by Naval authorities or personnel manning the venue. 
      Photography is strictly prohibited and carrying of cameras  are prohibited.
      The Church premises is in a dilapidated state. There are no benches in the Church and one has to stand or
      sit on the floor is on the floor . The roof top has partially given way and hence one will have to attend
      the entire religious function  under an open roof in bright sunlight.
      The function starts with blessing of the candles at the portico outside the Church of Our Lady of Springs
      Nossa Senhora de Brotas at 11.00 a.m.
      This is followed by Concelebrated High sung Mass & communion 
      The Holy Mass commences only after majority of the devotees have reached the Island hence visitors are
      required to follow an orderly movement.
      There is a beach for relaxation, swimming is strictly prohibited.  
      There is a tower atop the Hill where the memorial of the seven Indian soldiers who were killed after Goa
      Liberation on 22nd December 1961 exists. Visit atop is cumbersome and takes 30 minutes hence MAY BE
      restricted depending upon the security conditions.
      Once at the Entrance gate of the project the visitors will be under the supervision and control of the Sea
      Bird authorities.  
      The visitors are advised to comply with the above conditions  to ensure strict compliance maintaining
      the necessary civility decorum befitting a religious function.
      The mobiles are not accessible on the island hence one may refrain the use of mobile on the Island.
      Parish Priest of St Annes Church Binaga 
      Telephone Number  08382 31132 
      email address  frbrittodsilva2000@...  
      From the Goa end kindly contact 
      Bishops Palace 
      Mobile No:9822177099
      Tel No: 0832-2422653
      Mobile No 9822158584 (24 hrs)OR  Tel No:0832 - 2644212
      (24 hrs)
      email address: gonsalvesgodfreyji@...
      Bishops Palace 
      Mobile No:9822177099
      Tel No:2422653
      email: dcsm@...
      (Info: courtesy: Godfrey J.I. Gonsalves)
      Pictures: courtesy: www.colaco.net
      - Forwarded by www.goa-world.com

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