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Lyrics of Konkani song 'JINGLE BELL' by H. Britton

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  • Domnic Fernandes
    www.goa-world.com Lyrics of Konkani song JINGLE BELL by H. Britton Until around the middle of the last century, no females were permitted to act in Konkani
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      Lyrics of Konkani song 'JINGLE BELL' by H. Britton
      Until around the middle of the last century, no females were permitted to act in Konkani tiatros, as it was considered below women’s dignity.Female roles were played by males
      like the late Vincent de Saligao,the late Aristides, Remie Colaco, etc. However, we have
      had one seasoned Konkani stage artist for  around  four decades now who has earned a name  for  himself  by singing songs  dressed as a female and he is none other than the talented Herminizildo Camilo - H. Britton.   Many, who saw him on the stage for the first time, couldn’t believe he was a male because he dressed and behaved exactly like a woman - he either wore a maxi or draped a sari below his navel; wore a short blouse with deep neck; held a handbag in his hand or placed it on his shoulder; wore high heel shoes and gave a cat walk; wore a pair of Ray-Ban glasses and emulated Gulfie's wife of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

      Here are the lyrics of one of H. Britton’s hit songs titled “Jingle Bell” - it’s not the Christmas Carol but a comedy song set on its tune:

              “JINGLE BELL”
                                                 - by H. Britton

      Chintun ankvar cheddeanchem, mojem kalliz dukovta
      Kazar borem nhoi mhunnon te ankvaruch ravta
      Devan ghoddla sacrament, tumi kiteak dubavta
      Vorsanchim vorsam voklank ghevn ankvar bonvta

      Oh!  Jingle bell, jingle bell, married life is well
      Kazar zanvk kiteak pattim sortai re Gabriel
      Oh!  Jingle bell, jingle bell, vokol tuji Michelle
      Veginch kazar za nam tor Michelle zait parcel

      Kazarachi idad zatoch kazar zavnk zai
      Zantte piraer bhurgi vokol sodunk bonvonakai
      Doth subeij mevteli mhunnon pattim ravonakai
      Kazar zainam mhunnon dusrea ponnang zata pai

      Oh!  Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way
      Husband-wife, married life, enjoy every day
      Oh!  Jingle bell, jingle bell, be happy and gay
      Bailek ghevn dansak voch - Christmas, New Year day

      Kazar borem nhoi mhunn tuka konn dita budi
      Hum tumko bolta hai jaldi banao re shadi
      Sontos bhogtolo vokol bottak ghaltoch mudi
      Uprant melgor korun kha ghora voile dudi

      Oh!  Jingle bell, jingle bell, listen my brother
      Tum mhunttoloi ho khuimcho ailo Christmas Father
      Oh!  Jingle bell, jingle bell, Dev dita adhar
      Kazar zavn vorsa bhitor bailek kor mother

       (From Dom’s antique shelf!)



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