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RE: {Disarmed} [GTh] Electronic Coptic Texts, In General

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  • Richard Hubbard
    For those who are interested here is a link to one person s assessment of some recent editions of the CNT: http://www.biblical-data.org/coptic/Wells_text.pdf
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      For those who are interested here is a link to one person's assessment
      of some recent "editions" of the CNT:


      Rick Hubbard

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      |Subject: {Disarmed} [GTh] Electronic Coptic Tests, In General
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      |The Packard Humanities Institute is reputed to have available on its
      PHI CD ROM
      |collection many Coptic Texts including the CNT and Nag Hammadi texts.
      |anyone seen this material?
      |Rick Hubbard
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      ||Thanks Mike for digging into this. On two or three occasions I have
      |gone to the St
      ||Shenouda site at [ [ http://www.stshenouda.com/society/copticcd.htm
      ||][ http://www.stshenouda.com/society/copticcd.htm
      ||]http://www.stshenouda.com/society/copticcd.htm to order the Coptic NT
      |CD and
      ||every time was unsuccessful when I clicked the "Submit" button (got
      ||"Page No Found" message.
      ||As an alternative I downloaded the Sahidica material but I'm not too
      |keen on the font
      ||used with it. As far as the Marcion product I agree with other
      |observations that it is
      ||simply too cumbersome to be workable.
      ||But back to the Takla resource: Is the material offered there (via
      ||subscription) searchable? What is the format like (presumably all the
      |strokes are
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      ||||Subject: Re: [GTh] Horner and the Disappearance of Bibliacoptica.com
      ||||Further information on the relationship between the Takla and Wells
      ||versions of
      ||||the Coptic NT has been provided to me by Hany Takla in off-list
      ||||sent him a copy of my last list note on the subject, and wrote to
      ||||"I thought you might be interested in the following note that I sent
      ||||to my GThomas list yesterday, especially since your name came into
      ||||If you
      ||||any observations on any of the issues discussed here, I'd love to
      ||them. (I
      ||||won't pass them along to the list unless you give your permission to
      ||||Hany's response was as follows:
      ||||"In explanation I would like to add that the Coptic CD that was
      ||||initially distributed by the Society had four modules of my own work
      ||||that included a Course in Bohairic with recorded pronunciation,
      ||Dictionary, An
      ||||Annual Lectionary of the Feasts in the Coptic Church, and the Coptic
      ||||New Testament. Since we exhausted the stock of this CD, the first
      ||||licensed to COEPA organization in Australia to distribute with one
      ||||electronic products. The New Testament CD became a separate CD and
      ||||distributed for a reduced price when ordered as you have seen. As
      ||||know the Sahidic Text was based on the latest complete texts
      ||||edition. I added the superlineal strokes and changed the word
      ||||serve the grammatical meaning. However, despite many reviews there
      ||||were multiple typos. J. Warren Wells was good enough to correct many
      ||||if not all
      ||||typos in his produced text.
      ||||"Currently I set up for the Society a subscription site ([ [
      ||||][ http://demo.stshenouda.info/tc.htm
      ||||]http://demo.stshenouda.info/tc.htm) that houses all the separate
      ||for the
      ||||New Testament that were on the CD plus all the periodicals that the
      ||Society has
      ||||issued or are currently issued along with contents of some of our
      ||||library holdings and our own manuscript collection. With regards to
      ||||the New
      ||||I will be making corrections to the texts periodically and post
      ||I am
      ||||planning to release some of the Old Testament Texts that I have done
      ||||from either published sources or manuscript copies in the Microform
      ||||library of
      ||||Society. This information can be distributed as you see fit. Take
      ||||I have expressed my thanks to Hany for sharing this information with
      ||||Mike Grondin
      ||||Mt. Clemens, MI
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