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Re: [GTh] Parable of the Wicked Tenants (L65)

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  • Michael Grondin
    Rick informs me that he s posted a note relevant to this discussion on Charlie Hedrick s blog at: http://www.charleshedrick.com It s worth taking a look at,
    Message 1 of 23 , Apr 8, 2010
      Rick informs me that he's posted a note relevant to this
      discussion on Charlie Hedrick's blog at:

      It's worth taking a look at, though Hedrick totally ignores
      the research results that Rick presents. Instead, he makes
      two claims that I think are misleading to the point of being
      blatantly false:

      (1) that XRHSTOS and XRHSTHS are "equally possible".
      What Hedrick must mean is that they both fit the lacuna.
      As to probability of usage, however, it's clear from the evidence
      presented here lately (and in Rick's blog note) that XRHSTHS is
      quite improbable.

      (2) that 'usurer' is a neutral term. To quote Hedrick:
      "... there is nothing intrinsically wrong about being a userer
      (money lender). Under certain community attitudes it can be
      seen as an ignoble profession, but in our society it plays a
      helpful role, unless of course we are talking about payday
      loans at exorbitant rates of interest."

      But when we use the word 'usurer', we _are_ talking about "loans
      at exorbitant rates of interest", because that's what the word means
      today! In an English translation, we cannot use a word to convey an
      *archaic* meaning that it no longer has. The reader will understand
      it in its contemporary meaning. If we want to convey an archaic
      meaning, another word should be used which has that meaning in
      contemporary parlance, such as, in the present case, 'money lender'.
      In short, I find Hedrick's defense of 'usurer' to be untenable.

      Mike Grondin
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