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RE: [GTh] Permit Me to Rant

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Hi Judy- You wrote: ... before you ... worth ... picked it ... That is indeed a problem and one that is not likely to be soon resolved. Successful
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      Hi Judy-

      You wrote:


      ||Of course, the problem is that if you use the cheap publishing options
      before you
      ||have an amazing name, everyone assumes that what you have to say is not
      ||hearing, because otherwise one of the big publishing houses would have
      picked it
      ||up. L

      That is indeed a problem and one that is not likely to be soon resolved.
      Successful academic careers depend very much on publishing, and that is
      probably especially true for new and emerging scholars. I would not even
      venture a guess about the number of PH.D dissertations that have never seen
      (or will see) the light of day because no reputable publisher picked them
      up. Because of that, consequently, I would imagine that some otherwise well
      qualified folks have probably not enjoyed the success they might have.

      "Back when" (in the early 70's while I was at the University of Montana)
      Robert Funk started the Scholars Press there at the university for the
      express purpose of making sure that dissertations from younger scholars got
      into print. Given the technology available at the time it was surprisingly
      successful and had not some serious "political issues" arisen I imagine it
      (the press) would still be in operation today. Eventually, however, Funk
      left the university and started Polebridge Press which adopted somewhat the
      same business model, i.e., publishing specialized monographs and making them
      available for reasonable sums of money. As I understand it, Polebridge's
      future may now be somewhat uncertain, so once again scholars will have their
      publishing options limited.

      There are, as I see it, some possible solutions to this quandary. As I
      alluded to previously, one approach would be to purchase from major houses
      something like "re-print rights" to certain monographs (Kloppenborg's for
      example) some number of months after the initial print run of library
      editions. In order for this to work, there is the matter of money to make it
      happen. Even in these less-than-ideal economic times, however, I think it
      might be possible to establish a non-profit foundation for that very
      purpose. The first million dollars or so would be the hard part- after that
      it would be a cake-walk. The physical process of re-printing the books
      themselves is pretty much a no-brainer, so that part is not really an issue.
      A less likely scenario would be for publishing contracts to include a
      requirement for the publishers themselves to release "second run" editions
      (again, after some fairly long period of time following release of the
      library editions).

      I suppose I could go on and on about this forever, but I guess I've made my
      point and now it's time to get on with whatever it is that I do.



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      ||you say:
      ||Ian's reference to Kloppenborg's book _Tenants in the Vineyard:
      ||Ideology, Economics, & Agrarian Conflict in Jewish Palestine_ piqued my
      interest so I
      ||looked into buying a copy. At Amazon I found that for a mere $359.50 (plus
      shipping) I
      ||can have my very own copy.
      ||Something is wrong with this picture folks.
      ||I agree wholeheartedly. If you search on Abebooks, you will find that
      there is a
      ||bookseller in Germany who has three copies for "only" $206.92 plus
      shipping and
      ||Book Depository has it for $291 (but this is possibly AUD rather than
      USD), which
      ||includes shipping, but these are ridiculous prices for one book. These
      ||assume that only libraries will buy books like this and that they will pay
      this kind of
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