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Jesus Thomas John and Paul

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  • Jeff
    Happy 2010 to all, I want to share some findings I have done recently on Gthom and its relations with Paul and John. I like to think that the synoptic gospels
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      Happy 2010 to all,

      I want to share some findings I have done recently on Gthom and its
      relations with Paul and John.

      I like to think that the synoptic gospels are made up of Gthom + Gjohn.
      And then there's that question about the oldest text about Jesus: is
      it Gthom or is it Paul's letters? So that is why I wanted to see if
      there is something in Gthom and Paul and Gjohn that would show us
      something about their relations.

      As we all know, parallels between Ghtom and the 3 synoptic gospels
      abound. But there are only a few parallels with the other, GJohn, and
      even less, so it seems at first sight, with the `oldest'
      "christian" texts of Paul.
      With Paul we find only one literal parallel, in L. 17, (I will give you
      what no eye has seen etc.) which according to DeConick starts the
      `kernel'speech n° 2. All the other parallels are much more
      The same for John, where the only obvious literal parallel is with L. 31
      (a prophet is not accepted in his own village). The other parallels are
      also much more vague.

      Nevertheless, I wanted to count all the parallels and see where they
      could be found in the text and the `scroll-scheme'.
      So I took Deconick's "TOGOTIT" and marked the parallels in
      the text where she had found one. John I marked in yellow and Paul I
      marked in grey.

      The result was unexpected and remarkable!

      Each of them had about 12 parallels, with 2 of them coming together in
      L. 24. (Q: Show us where you are? A: There is light in a man).

      Most of the parallels were placed at what I call "corners" (the
      top or bottom of a column in the scroll-scheme).

      Out of the 12 `Johnnies', 7 are located on a corner (L.1, 13,
      31, 43, 52, 61, 92 (L.92 is the start of kernel speech n°5)).

      Out of the 12 or so `Paulies', 4 (to 6?) of them are located on
      a corner (L.6, 14, 22, 53, 61?, 81?).
      The `Paulies' seem to have a preference for the top position
      (L.6, 14, 53, 81?), while the `Johnnies' have a preference for
      the bottom (13, 43, 52, 61?) in the scheme.
      I do not know the exact math, but I am sure this certainly is
      statistically +*! significant, since there are only 24 corners in the
      scheme for 114-120 logia.

      Logia not (exactly) on corners are :
      `Johnnies': L. 19, 24, 25, 77 (2 Johnnies can be found in L.24
      and L.61)
      `Paulies': L. 17, 25, 28, 29, 48?, 81?, 106?.

      L.25 ("golden rule"), L.61 and L.77 are `shared' logia.

      Although these figures are not completely exact because of the vagueness
      of some of the parallels, the overall picture looks clear enough, I

      Take a look at the document at my downloadpage and see for yourself:

      Most of the John and Paul parallels are sitting on a corner or are
      clustered together on columns (or pages) 3 and 4.

      Conclusion: although Paul and John at first look not to visible in
      Gthom, they occupy prominent positions in the text. This suggests that
      the later redaction of Gthom placed them on these prominent places,
      rather than that Paul and John would have taken those pieces out of

      What remains possible though, is that Paul as well as John knew of the
      `Kernel Gospel of Thomas' and regarded it as "secret
      teachings, not to be thrown at the dogs".
      Paul says that the scripture says "I will give you what no eye has
      seen or ear has heard or what has come up in a man's mind". But
      that's not what we find in the old Jewish scriptures. The only place
      where we find this literally is in Ghtom, and maybe this was the text he
      was referring to?

      happy searching!


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