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[gthomas] Re: How many txts in GTh?

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  • Mike Grondin
    ... I know what you mean. Might be called the fallacy of interpretive exclusion . Don t know whether I d agree that you ve fallen victim to it, but the idea
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 1999
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      Steve writes:
      >What I was objecting to was the oft stated claim that because
      >a few sayings can be said to mean so and so that this is what
      >the whole, the Gospel of Thomas has to say. Everybody does this,
      >I've done this, but it isn't something that should be done.

      I know what you mean. Might be called the "fallacy of interpretive
      exclusion". Don't know whether I'd agree that you've fallen victim to it,
      but the idea is that one emphasizes a certain aspect (or selection of
      passages) to the exclusion of all else. Whatever seems to contradict the
      proposed interpretation is either ignored or quickly dismissed. Trick is to
      not lock into anything without first taking a holistic approach to the
      evidence. Got to account for everything. Of course there's an interplay
      between facts and hypotheses, but contrary-to-hypothesis facts really do
      have to be satisfactorily explained, not just minimized.

      >I must say, though, that we really do have to stick to what the
      >sayings are saying and not what they might be saying. I guess
      >this distinction isn't as clear as it could be.

      I can see that my own tendency is to give more initial credence to
      non-standard interps. I usually end up rejecting them, but in the meantime
      I probably drive more mainstream type folks to distraction. It's just that
      I want to leave it more open that GThom might be something quite other than
      what it appears to be.

      >And, on another subject, I think your (and Sytze's?) "my mother
      >brought me forth, but my true mother gave me life" suggestion
      >really ought to be publishable as a short study in NTS if indeed
      >it can be coptologically sustained. The "gave me death" business
      >has become almost normative and could do with a good thrashing.

      Unfortunately, Sytze and I may not be able to come to agreement on the
      exact Coptic wording. But do you (or anyone) know where I can find the
      suggested Coptic for "gave me death"?

      The Coptic GThomas, saying-by-saying

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