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Re: [GTh] Is there Heavenly Ascent Mysticism in the Gospel of Thomas ?

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  • Maurice
    ... etc, etc etc .... ... Hello Andrew … … and thank you for your note . In your reply, (that is, your reply with respect to item b ), you point out that
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      etc, etc etc ....


      Hello Andrew …

      … and thank you for your note .

      In your reply, (that is, your reply with
      respect to item "b"), you point out that your basic
      problem (that of "The Living One" being a
      reference to the "Supreme God" ) is that in
      Logion 52 the "living one" seems to be
      Jesus ... i.e. ( L52 … You have omitted the
      one living in your presence and have spoken
      only of the dead.)

      You may wish to consider that only about
      2/3ds of Thomas is inspired from the New Testament
      while the other 1/3rd comes from a wide variety of
      other sources (Janism, Buddhism etc with one or two
      even coming from non religious sources … e.g. Plato
      in logia 50, 83,84 etc.

      Added to this enigma (enigma to some, anyways) is
      the equally perplexing reality that logia 51 –53
      (including logia 52 which you feel tells us that "the
      Living One seems to mean Jesus") are 3 of the very
      rare / unique Thomas logia which are not literally
      prefaced by the words "Jesus said …" How, then, can
      we be persuaded that logion 52 points to Jesus as the
      Living One when Jesus is not even mentioned in it
      and a full one third of Thomas' logia are not even
      New Testament inspired or referenced … ???)

      So literally, at least, the "Him" to whom the
      "disciples" are talking to in L 52 could be any religious
      leader being asked a question by his/her disciples,
      and not necessarily Jesus … In fact, I would suggest
      that it is highly unlikely that the reference (L.52) is
      even being made to Jesus, and indeed that it is not even
      being made to a Jewish person because the prophets
      of the Old Testament don't' number 24 … but rather
      only 16 (Count em' … it is their Books which number
      24, but not them as a group ….) As a result, identifying
      the 24 prophets which the author of Thomas supposedly
      refers to in this logion remains yet highly problematic
      as a reference to Jesus, and is even problematic still
      if one counts Jesus himself as a prophet.

      Soooo, in my Thomas model, at least, using L 52
      as demonstrative that "the Living One seems to be Jesus"
      is a pretty tough row to hoe … for me, at least … think
      about it.

      Regards again,

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