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Skinner Interview

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  • Michael Grondin
    For those who haven t been paying attention to Andrew Bernhard s and Chris Skinner s blogs (shame on you!), this is to notify everyone that the interview that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2009
      For those who haven't been paying attention to Andrew
      Bernhard's and Chris Skinner's blogs (shame on you!),
      this is to notify everyone that the interview that Andrew
      Bernhard and I did with Chris Skinner will be posted on
      Andrew's blog this coming Monday, as per:


      Chris posted an amusing response on his own blog:


      The plan is to have follow-up discussions with Chris on this list
      after the interview is posted. Questions and comments can be based
      on the interview or on Chris' book or both. Unfortunately, my own
      participation may be severely limited, due to the necessity of
      providing round-the-clock care for my wife after her scheduled
      surgery on Wednesday. But Andrew B. is also a GThomas
      moderator, so I will leave it up to him and the other moderators
      to monitor and guide the discussion as they see fit. And of course
      if I can sneak a little time in here or there, I'll put in my two cents

      Mike Grondin
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