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Criddle on Neoplatonism & Gnosticism

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  • Michael Grondin
    I d like to draw attention to the first in a series of posts by Andrew Criddle on S. Carlson s blog Hypotyposeis, under the general title Neoplatonism and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2009
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      I'd like to draw attention to the first in a series of posts by Andrew
      Criddle on S. Carlson's blog Hypotyposeis, under the general
      title "Neoplatonism and Gnosticism":


      As Andrew writes in his introductory paragraph:

      "I'm going to try and explain relatively recent developments
      in our understanding of relations between late forms of Platonic
      philosophy and the Sethian texts from Nag Hammadi. It is an
      important story which may well have significant implications for
      how we understand the Nag Hammadi texts as a whole."

      Of particular note is that the Apocryphon of John (Ap.John) is
      included among Sethian literature. Evidently, this was regarded
      as the most important text of the NH collection, as it appears
      first in three different codices. The version in Codex II (located
      just prior to CGTh) is one of the two "long recensions", marked
      by the inclusion of a list of some 68 (?) strange names associated
      with body parts. Remarkably, this passage in Codex II occupies
      100 lines, with the whole of Ap.John (in Codex II) being 1100 lines
      (not including the little squib at the end - whatever it's called.) This
      may well have been a special version of Ap.John commissioned
      to introduce the most important codex of the collection (indicated
      by its cover markings), and the only one that contains Thomasine
      material (not only CGTh, but the 7th and last tractate of the book,
      "Thomas the Contender Writing to the Perfect".)

      I'll be reading Andrew's series with great interest, to see what
      he might have to say about the wider intellectual environment that
      may have impacted the narrower circle of those who crafted Coptic

      Mike Grondin
      Mt. Clemens, MI
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