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RE: [GTh] Notes of Interest

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  • Judy Redman
    Hi everyone, I am currently on holiday away from home and my husband seems to think that I should spend time with him, rather than on the computer , so
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2009
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      Hi everyone,

      I am currently on holiday away from home and my husband seems to think that
      I should spend time with him, rather than on the computer <gbg>, so this
      will be brief.

      I use New Athena Unicode for my Coptic typing most of the time. I also use
      the Logos Coptic keyboard when I type Coptic. The keyboard layout isn't
      quite what I'd prefer for ease of typing Coptic and some of the letters
      require some interesting gymnastics eg holding down the right Alt key to
      type some of the characters.

      The drawback of this is that Logos has so far not developed one for Windows
      Vista (which I have no real intention of installing) and I'm not sure if it
      will work with the newest version of Windows (name escapes me for the

      Mike - I'd be interested in making contact with the woman in Slovenia. Feel
      free to give her my email address.


      Rev Judy Redman
      Uniting Church Chaplain
      University of New England
      Armidale 2351 Australia
      ph: +61 2 6773 3739
      fax: +61 2 6773 3749
      web: http://www.une.edu.au/chaplaincy/uniting/ and
      email: jredman@...

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      > Subject: [GTh] Notes of Interest
      > New moderator Andrew Bernhard has posted a very nice blog
      > entry titled "Gospel of Thomas E-list" at
      > http://www.gospels.net/2009/06/22/gospel-of-thomas-e-list/
      > Since Andrew's blog is read throughout the biblioblog world,
      > this gives our group some invaluable public exposure.
      > On another matter entirely, I've added a new font to the pdf
      > file of fonts that is available from my site. See:
      > http://www.geocities.com/mwgrondin/x_fonts.htm
      > The downloadable free fonts file now contains three ttf fonts:
      > "coptic2", "spachmim", and the new font called "NHC2". The
      > new font isn't really that new, since it was developed back in
      > 2002 when I was working with a couple other guys on a
      > project that never came to fruition. It's "new" only in the sense
      > that it hasn't ever been made publicly available (though I've
      > used it myself.) Now understand that I'm not myself the developer
      > of the font (not knowing how to do such things), but at the time
      > I wanted a font to remedy what I saw as two defects in the coptic2
      > font that I had been using: (1) that there was no apostrophe, and
      > (2) that there was no single key on the US qwerty-keyboard
      > for the Coptic letter shai. These defects made it rough going
      > when I was first putting my site online.
      > The impetus for making the NHC2 font available was an email
      > that I received the other day from a young woman studying at
      > the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Seems that she's been
      > working on a disertation on the same general subject as Judy
      > Redman. She (the woman in Slovenia, not Judy) had tried to use
      > the coptic2 font as downloaded from my site, encountered the
      > missing-apostrophe problem, and wrote asking if I had any
      > suggestions. I sent her the NHC2 font, but in the course of
      > our conversation, she informed me that the position of the
      > shai in coptic2 was actually better for her, since it corresponded
      > to a key on her keyboard, namely (for want of knowing the
      > right word for it) an 's' with a small curl over it. Unfortunately,
      > in the process of assigning the letter shai to a different
      > keyboard position in NHC2, we'd eliminated the original
      > keyboard assignment, never thinking that that might have
      > had some utility on different sorts of keyboards.
      > Now someone is bound to ask "Why bother with these
      > antiquated Coptic fonts when Unicode now has all the
      > Coptic letters?" Good question. Unfortunately, I don't
      > have any good answer. I simply don't know enough about
      > using Unicode. Are the Coptic letters assigned to single
      > keyboard characters, or does it require some complicated
      > maneuvers to type them out? There is also something
      > known as the "Coptic Font Standard" which is an attempt
      > to standardize keyboard-assignments for any and all
      > Coptic fonts. Other than that, I don't know much about it
      > (but see the link to it on my links page.)
      > I've love to hear from others about font issues, but please
      > don't be too technical.
      > Cheers,
      > Mike
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      > Gospel of Thomas Homepage: http://home.epix.net/~miser17/Thomas.html
      > Interlinear translation:
      > http://www.geocities.com/mwgrondin/x_transl.htm
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