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Re: The NEW gospels.net (and the Gospel of Thomas Resource Center)

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  • Andrew Bernhard
    Mike Grondin wrote:
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 16, 2009
      Mike Grondin wrote:

      << Thanks, Andrew. I've added it to my links page, as a separate entry from
      the link to your blog. Both are welcome additions to the small but growing
      list of reputable online resources in this field . . .

      I'd question the advisability of including "devotional literature". There
      seems to be quite a lot of it beyond the two items you've included, unless
      those two (which I haven't read) are somehow different in kind from the
      others I have in mind. So the list might grow quite long, but of course the
      main objection is that these texts aren't scholarly. >>

      Thanks for the links to the pertinent gospels.net pages, Mike.

      My motivation for including "devotional" literature (for lack of a better
      label) was this. The readers of the blog and The Gospel of Thomas Resource
      Center will likely have diverse interests. Some will be interested in
      scholarly literature, some will be interested in devotional literature;
      others won't be able to tell the difference (students, laypeople, etc.). So
      I decided it would be best to include select lists of both types of
      literature and _clearly distinguish the two_. That way people will be able
      to find the type of literature they are after, regardless of their
      educational background or interest.

      To my mind, there doesn't seem to be any point in denying the existence of
      the modern devotional literature: it is a phenomenon in and of itself.
      Obviously, since this is a _scholarly_ e-list, I wouldn't try to discuss any
      of the devotional books here. However, as I think we saw when the gthomas
      list was founded, some people might.

      You are certainly correct in pointing out that there are a lot more
      devotional books than I have currently listed and many more will need to be
      added. I would just note that this is actually the case with _all_ of the
      bibliographies for the Gospel of Thomas and other early Christian gospels
      that I posted at the start of June. These are merely preliminary lists that
      I intend to continue expanding as I build my "online resource." I'll be
      catching up with the most important works from the past and then (or
      concurrently) keeping up with new publications.

      Hope that helps explain where I'm coming from.



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    • Paul Lanier
      ... Thanks, Andrew, I have added a link to it. The Manuscript Images are especially helpful. Regards, Paul
      Message 2 of 4 , Jun 16, 2009
        --- In gthomas@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew" <abernhar@...> wrote:
        > ...Gospel of Thomas Resource Center will be of greatest interest to members of this e-list. It's located at: www.gospels.net/thomas

        Thanks, Andrew, I have added a link to it. The Manuscript Images are especially helpful.

        Regards, Paul
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