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[gthomas] Re: Fun

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  • Mike Grondin
    Penny, I do apologize. There s a problem with dual-subscribers I wasn t aware of until after I wrote my earlier note. By dual-subscribers , I mean folks who
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 21, 1999
      Penny, I do apologize. There's a problem with dual-subscribers I wasn't
      aware of until after I wrote my earlier note. By "dual-subscribers", I mean
      folks who are subscribed to both GThomas and GThom2, and particularly those
      who receive email from both groups. (I'm subscribed to GThom2, but I myself
      don't have this problem, cuz my subscription to GThom2 is web-based, hence
      I don't normally get email from that group.)

      Those of you who receive email from both groups should set up a filter on
      your emailer or take other steps to separate your email, so that you know
      what group you're replying to at all times. You can't go by the name of the
      sender, since other folks besides yourself (including notably Tord) are
      also members of both groups. You should always be able to go by the subject
      line, which will contain '[gthomas]' for our list. GThom2 doesn't put any
      special indicator in their subject line, so if you don't see '[gthomas]',
      it's GThom2.

      If one group is your major interest and the other your minor, you might
      want to consider reading the latter from the web, rather than receiving
      email from it. You can do this by changing your profile for that group at
      egroups.com, as follows:

      1. At "Membership", top right of group page, hit "Modify" button.
      2. Under the "read mode" option, change
      "receive individual emails" to "read it on the Web".
      3. Scroll down and hit "Apply changes".

      Note that this change involves only the one group, and that you can change
      your "read mode" for a group as often as you want, so if it doesn't work
      out, you can change back. But in any case, dual subscribers do need to do
      something to see to it that they always know what group they're posting to.

      (And yes, info like this needs to be put in a place where it can be easily
      referenced in future.)


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