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[gthomas] Re: Altered consciousness

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  • James Lambert
    ... The issue I was addressing was the internal consistency of the entire saying if we assume that the children s clothes are made from the produce of the
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 21, 1999
      James wrote:
      > >... I was wondering if you had read my post on hemp and saying #21.
      > >I'm certain that hemp use in fabrics and rope was more than wide-spread
      > >during the period in question. Yet I've received no comments on my post
      > >at all. Golly, was it really of so little merit? I thought it answered
      > >several issues quite well.

      Mike Grondin wrote:

      > I did read your post, but thought that the idea didn't have much
      > plausibility to it. Since neither hemp nor anything like it is mentioned in
      > GThom, it seemed to me rather far-fetched that that particular crop could
      > have anything to do with the underlying meaning of any of the sayings. The
      > only thing it brought to mind was the "they neither card nor spin" of the
      > Greek fragments, but even that doesn't seem to support our concentrating on
      > any particular kind of fabric. Could have been linen, for all we know. To
      > make the hemp thing work, you'd have to show that the typical early reader
      > of GThom would be likely to make the connections you're making. But I don't
      > recall any reference to hemp anywhere at all.

      The issue I was addressing was the internal consistency of the entire
      saying if we assume that the children's clothes are made from the
      produce of the field. It could have easily been cotton, but cotton was
      not endemic to the area, or flax, except for the fact that flax was not
      used in rope production, which was used to bind the owner's hands in
      #35. Also hemp is still grown by the few remaining coptic communities,
      especially among the Kurds.

      Hemp, however is not the issue as I see it, the issue is how the removal
      of the children's clothes equals the returning of the field to the owner
      and how this ties together with protecting this product from thieves as
      well as the harvesting of the crop. These are all components of #21.

      Hemp was simply the only plant that fit all the requirements. According
      to your comments you seem to object only to my use of the word 'hemp'.

      So what are you afraid of?


      > All I know is that when I mention Gnosticism to somebody, they either
      > haven't heard of it at all, or they say something like, "You mean those
      > pot-smokers?"

      Is that a problem?

      > It's about having to cope with paying the bills, earning a living, buying
      > clothes, etc.

      Oh I see.


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