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Re: [GTh] Fire in GTh and in the New Testament

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  • Exolinguist
    ... I sent the link later, yesterday. ... I think I ll reserve judgment on that until I ve read the book. ... Well, I don t know about never, and neither do
    Message 1 of 45 , Nov 13, 2008
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      > > [Jack:]
      > >
      > >>
      > >> It is important,however, that the Hebrew translation of Matthew used by
      > >> Ibn
      > >> Shaprut in the Evan Bohan is NOT an ancient manuscript but a Medieval
      > >> one.
      > >> This review of Howard's book is salient:
      > >>
      > >> http://rosetta.reltech.org/TC/vol03/Petersen1998a.html
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> Jack Kilmon
      > >>
      > >
      > > Howard responded to Petersons review (attack), also in TC, pretty much
      > > destroying Peterson's credibility, at least where this "review" is
      > > concerned. I've attached Howard's response as a text file. Peterson might
      > > have done a better job if he had read the whole book.
      > >
      > > --Don Traxler
      > I snipped that because the link would have been much better.

      I sent the link later, yesterday.

      > Although
      > Petersen's tone shows frustration...I'm guilty of that sometimes
      > also...Howard has an agenda in claiming Hebrew Matthew is ancient...

      I think I'll reserve judgment on that until I've read the book.

      > but it
      > is ridiculous, not to mention that the Gospel of Matthew was never written
      > in Hebrew.

      Well, I don't know about "never," and neither do you, but I don't believe that there was a pre-Synoptic Hebrew Matthew. I had flirted with that concept even recently, but I'm now convinced for linguistic reasons that there was never any such document.

      > Petersen's credibility is very much intact and his critique
      > overwhemingly compelling.

      Not to me.

      --Don Traxler
    • Exolinguist
      [Maurice:] ... Hi Jack, I m just curious to know how you came up with the limit of 50 years. I haven t seen the translation yet, but it seems that it could
      Message 45 of 45 , Nov 13, 2008
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        > >
        > > Hi again, Don ....
        > >
        > > .... both Jack's reference and your own as quoted are well known to
        > > adept users of Howard's book. Having said this, and despite
        > > Peterson's irresponsible criticism and review of the book (or half
        > > of it), I can just tell that you will draw many rewards from your
        > > $35 investment as indeed I have over the years.
        > >
        > > Cheers !
        > >
        > > Maurice Cormier
        > I agree with this. I have Howard's book because the Hebrew Translation used
        > in Evan Bohan is a fascinating witness to how it was translated about some
        > 50 years before Shem Tov used it.

        Hi Jack,

        I'm just curious to know how you came up with the limit of "50 years." I haven't seen the translation yet, but it seems that it could have been lying around in a geniza for a long time, or kept to use for rhetorical purposes against the Christians.

        > What were the Rabbis attempting to do?
        > Did they translate Matthew into Hebrew touse it for polemical purposes? Was
        > it a translation by Conversos to convince Spanish authorities that
        > "Marannos" were doing their catechism to avoid the inquisition?

        These all seem to be possibilities. Maybe a thorough study of the variant readings would betray some intent or agenda--and maybe not.
        Some variants seem to have arisen (through scribal error or intentionally) while the document was in the Hebrew stage of its transmission. An example is in Mt 7:6, where the canonical text has "Do not give that which is holy to dogs," and the Shem Tov/Howard text has "Do not give holy flesh to the dogs." It seems pretty obvious that this arose because of the similarity between "asher" and "bashar."

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