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  • Michael Grondin
    A little over a week ago, after mulling over a little idea I had, and spurred on by Stephen Carlson s mention of conversation starters , I wrote to five
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2008
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      A little over a week ago, after mulling over a little idea I had, and
      spurred on by Stephen Carlson's mention of "conversation starters",
      I wrote to five list-members (one a former list-member, it turned out)
      whose previous notes had exhibited a certain level of quality, to ask
      what they thought of the idea, and whether they would be willing to
      participate. Encouraged by the response, I presented the idea to
      the moderators. I'm pleased to announce that the moderators have
      approved the idea, namely the creation of a group of Regular
      Contributors, who will participate in a pilot program beginning this week
      and lasting six weeks, through the end of August. At that time (but
      also on an ongoing basis), we'll be evaluating the program, both for
      its effects on the list, and for its effects on the participants.

      The concept is simple. Regular Contributors agree to post at least
      one message a week. Not an extra-long message, just something of
      substance. Doesn't sound like much, but it takes some discipline and
      commitment to do that. My thanks to Maurice Cormier, Paul Lanier,
      and Kevin Johnson (as of yesterday) for agreeing to participate.
      I'll be joining them, so that'll make four guinea pigs. (:-)

      The goal of this program is to maintain a minimum level of quality
      content on a continuous basis, so as to avoid those periods of little
      or no activity that cause members to lose interest in the list. Whether
      this is possible or not is what we're trying to find out. (One of the
      things we'll be looking at is how much activity is generated by the
      "seed messages" of the RC's. We're not looking for hyper-volume,
      just a relatively steady stream, so that the group doesn't become
      victim of "out-of-sight, out-of-mind".)

      In my view, the relationship between the moderators and the RC's
      is that the moderators are the decision-makers, and secondarily
      they lend prestige to the list, while the RC's contribute to the vitality
      of the list, and as such can be invaluable (if the program works as
      hoped). One might think of the two groups as "the right" and "the left",
      both necessary, but sufficient only in combination with each other.

      Mike Grondin
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