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Re: [GTh] Thomas saying 64 and the synoptics /references concerning the fall of jerusalem

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    This passage, remarked on also by Origen (185-254 CE), and Jerome, only exists in Eusebius E.H., Jerome s Commentary on Galatians, and Origen s letter (Contra
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      This passage, remarked on also by Origen (185-254 CE), and Jerome, only
      exists in Eusebius' E.H., Jerome's Commentary on Galatians, and Origen's letter
      (Contra Celsus 1.47), and, interestingly, is no longer extant in any manuscript
      of the works of Josephus! Commenting on it, Eusebius says, "So remarkable a
      person must James have been, so universally esteemed for Righteousness, that
      even the most intelligent of Jews felt this was why his martyrdom was immediately
      followed by the siege of Jerusalem," (E.H. 2.23)

      This contradicts Christian belief that the Temple fell because of the "death
      of Jesus," as Origen is well aware and at pains to "correct" in Contra Celsus.
      This letter also tells us that "the wonderful thing is that, though he
      [Josephus] did not accept Jesus as Christ, he yet gave testimony that the
      Righteousness of James was so great...that the people thought they had suffered these
      things on account of [him]." (Commentary on Matthew; 10.17)

      For his part, Jerome, in his Lives, writes "This same Josephus records the
      tradition that this James was of so great Holiness and reputation among the
      people that the destruction of Jerusalem was believed to have occurred on account
      of his death," and in a Commentary that "So Holy was James that the people
      zealously tried to touch the fringes of his garment," (Commentary on Galatians
      1:19); these are the fringes commanded to be worn by observant Jews in Numbers

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