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Secret Things- Gary Hudson's Book

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Mike and I agreed that we would review Hudson s book independently, nevertheless it appears that we both have less than enthusiastic assessments of it. Here
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2007
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      Mike and I agreed that we would "review" Hudson's book independently,
      nevertheless it appears that we both have less than enthusiastic assessments
      of it.

      Here is what I originally wrote about it:

      Compared to its total content, there is very little original material in
      Hudson's _The Secret Things_. The bulk of the material appears to have been
      lifted directly from Mike Grondin's interlinear rendering of the NHC
      manuscript and the translation which accompanies Mike's interlinear is that
      of Lambdin.

      The author's original material is a series of very short paragraphs (one for
      each logion) that are hardly models of lucidity and cogency. Mostly they are
      incomprehensible ramblings about such things as the "Internal Christ" and
      the felicity of "spiritual awakening" (although there are many other equally
      impenetrable concepts sprinkled about as well).

      Here are a few excerpts to illustrate the general tenor of Hudson's
      interpretations of various logia.

      LOGION 23 "The call to awaken arises as a holy longing, a longing for
      wholeness. That is the call we hear from the Inner Christ. Of the vast
      multitude of souls that inhabit the earth, only a handful recognize that the
      world cannot satisfy their heartache. And of those [sic] only a few will
      awaken to the wholeness of being."

      LOGION 72 "The Inner Christ does not manifest in order to apportion the
      power of the spirit to the various senses. The Inner Christ manifests to
      bring about the unity of being, the wholeness of life."

      LOGION 107 "The ineffable source emanates the spectrum of that manifests
      into a multitude of life forms [sic]. Of those life forms only sentient life
      develops the illusion of the egoic self, which separates it from the
      wholeness of being. Within sentient life, that which is aware within is
      stirred by the 'holy longing' to reunite lover and beloved. Only in us
      (sentient life) does the divine find itself."

      Perhaps it would be possible to comb through Hudson's interpretations and
      identify some coherent unity in his hermeneutic, but I certainly have
      neither the time or interest to do so. I recommend that those who wish to
      spend any appreciable time with this book should prepare themselves by
      ingesting copious quantities of Peyote buds and Ripple wine (although
      perhaps, if one's supplies of Ripple and Peyote are lacking, that the same
      effect could be had merely by reading the book for an hour or so).

      Summary: I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

      Rick Hubbard

      Humble Maine Woodsman

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