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[GTh] Re: Coptic keyboard layout

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  • Andrew
    Mike and Judy, My further thoughts. ... uppercase form of sigma? An interesting suggestion, but I don t think unicode is prepared for this scenario. Does
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 11, 2005
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      Mike and Judy,

      My further thoughts.

      > Why not use the uppercase of the second key for the alternate
      uppercase form of sigma?

      An interesting suggestion, but I don't think unicode is prepared for
      this scenario. Does unicode have an assigned character value for
      both a lunate and linear upper case form of sigma? I think it just
      has one value established for lower case sigma, one for upper case
      sigma, and one for final sigma.

      > ... which raises a question, since it shows two different keyboard
      mappings for Greek Polytonic - one by Microsoft, on
      (called 'Keyman') by a private individual.

      There are more than just two keyboard mappings for Greek Polytonic,
      but any keyboard map that assigns theta to "u" is retarded. I'll be
      more clear on the mapping I would personally prefer. It is primarily
      phonetic, but assigns eta, theta, psi, and omega to key for
      different reasons.

      1.alpha: a
      2.beta: b
      3.gamma: g
      4.delta: d
      5.epsilon: e
      6.zeta: z
      7.eta: h (uncial looks like capital H)
      8.theta: q (it's as good as anything)
      9.iota: i
      10.kappa: k
      11.lambda: l
      12.mu: m
      13.nu: n
      14.csi: x
      15.omnicron: o
      16.pi: p
      17.rho: r
      18.sigma: s
      19.tau: t
      20.upsilon: u
      21.phi: f
      22.chi: c (hard sound)
      23.psi (it's as good as anything)
      24.omega: w (uncial looks like lower case w)

      I really would be unhappy if any of the 20 purely phonetically
      assigned characters were altered in a keyboard map. Eta and omega,
      while not phonetically assigned, are pretty intuitive given their
      resemblences to English characters. Q for theta I think has become
      pretty standard. Y for psi is what I'm used to, at least.

      Of the alphabetic keys, that leaves just j and v unassigned. I think
      final sigma is usually assigned to j and v is left unassigned.

      My personal preference for Sahidic Coptic is to assign shai to 1,
      fai to 2, hori to 3, janjia to 4, chima to 5, ti to 6. There really
      aren't enough English letter keys to accomodate them on the keyboard
      and numbering them in this order I could always remember what the
      keys corresponded to. I am curious how these have been assigned in
      the SBL's draft keyboard map.


      > Mike
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