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Re: [GTh] The Historical Matthew

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  • Jack Kilmon
    ... From: Michael Grondin To: Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 9:47 AM Subject: [GTh] The Historical Matthew
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      From: "Michael Grondin" <mwgrondin@...>
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      Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 9:47 AM
      Subject: [GTh] The Historical Matthew

      > Recently, I challenged Tom Saunders about claims he had been making about
      > Matthew having been in Egypt and/or Alexandria on certain dates. I've now
      > learned that Tom based his claims on something that Jack Kilmon wrote to
      > another list, specifically that "Matthew was killed in Alexandria in 90 CE
      > during the Domtitian persecution." I don't know the source of Jack's
      > claim,
      > but to the best of my knowledge it is NOT historically well-grounded - and
      > thus not deserving of the tone of certainty in which it was expressed. I
      > believe that most NT scholars would say that we do not know when or where
      > the author of GMatt died, or if he was ever in Egypt. Unless and until
      > Jack
      > or anyone else can furnish evidentiary support for this claim, it should
      > not
      > be assumed in historical theories expressed on the list.
      > Mike Grondin
      > Mt. Clemens, MI

      I must have been writing about the disciple Matthew...the tax collector,son
      of Alphaeus and "the other Mary," Jesus' uncle and aunt, brother of James
      the less and writer of a "logia" according to Papias and claimed by the
      Nazarenes as the author of the Aramaic Gospel of the Hebrews. The author of
      the canonical Gospel of Matthew is another matter....probably a Greek
      speaking Syrian Jew converted to Christianity. Of the apostle Matthew we
      know only what Eusebius writes and Clement quoting Heracleon of Alexandria
      that Matthew died of old age. The 3rd century Martyrium S. Matthaei in
      Ponto is worthless. The list of Martyrs in Rome simply states S. Matthaei
      qui in Aethiopia praedicans martyrium passus est. I don't think we even
      know what was meant by "Aethiopia" then but the most common legend was that
      he died there by the sword.

      I don't think the disciple, however, should be conflated with the
      hagiographer about whom we know absolutely nothing.

      Jack Kilmon
      San Marcos, Texas
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