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Re: [GTh] bride's chamber in Thomas

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      > The Heracleon fragments are about interpreting various prima
      > facie historical statements in John as referring to a spiritual
      > reality; they should not be taken literally IMO.
      > Andrew Criddle
      Can I clarify what I mean by 'should not be taken literally' ?

      I don't mean that Heracleon was mistaken or lying or
      inaccurate. I mean he is speaking allegorically.

      Heracleon says that Capernaum means the realm of matter,
      the mountain of Samaria means the devil and his world, the
      water jar of the woman of Samaria means 'the disposition and
      the thought of the power which is from the Savior', the official
      whose child was ill means the Demiurge, the servants of the
      official mean the angels of the Demiurge, etc.

      These are not claims about historical facts but clims about the
      spiritual meaning of various passages in John.

      IMO the statements about priests and levites should be taken
      in the same way. They are not saying things about literal levites
      but things about what John on a spiritual level really means when
      he talks about levites.

      Andrew Criddle
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