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Re: [GTh] The rule of the Shepherds

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  • sarban
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      > Of all the claims you make about the Parable of the Tenants, I believe the
      > most important one you wish to make is that the death of the "Son" doesn't
      > take place on earth. This is an important article of faith among some
      > Jesus-mythers: that the supposed person Jesus is a totally-fictional
      > character derived from a myth. As you say, I'm vehemently opposed to this
      > view, and quite certain that the "vineyard" in the parable cannot
      > legitimately be regarded as being a mythical heavenly realm, nor that "the
      > son" can legitmately be thought of as having been killed _outside_ the
      > vineyard (hence, arguably, outside the world, as you lately suggest).
      > Mike Grondin
      > Mt. Clemens, MI
      Hi Mike
      I fully share your rejection of Jesus-myth speculations.
      But I think it possible though unlikely that the Gospel
      of Thomas could have transferred things from earth
      to the heavenly realms.
      Something like this occurs in some versions of
      Manichaeanism (the Jesus patibilis the cosmically
      suffering Christ) and there are parallels in some forms
      of Catharism.
      I would be surprised if such ideas were around before
      the late 2nd century CE but on some dates of Thomas
      this would still permit Thomas to be influenced by them.

      Andrew Criddle
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