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      > I have been curious as to what possible connections Essenes could have to
      those who embraced the GThom, and related texts. I found 'this' in the New
      Advent Catholic Encyclopedia:
      > "Death was welcomed, as they held "that their bodies were corruptible, and
      the matter composing them is not lasting, but souls are immortal and live
      forever, and proceeding from the most subtle ether having been drawn into
      bodies as into prisons by some natural longing. But when they are set free
      from the bonds of flesh, then they rejoice as being freed from a long
      servitude and mount upwards. And agreeing with the opinion of the Greeks
      they declare that the good dwell beyond the ocean in a place which is never
      oppressed by snow or rainstorms or intense heat, but is always calm and
      refreshed by a cool breeze breathing from the ocean. To bad souls they allot
      a gloomy, tempestuous cave full of never-ending torments" (Jos. Bell. Jud.
      I, ii, 8). Some conclude from the words just quoted that the Essenes
      disbelieved in the resurrection of the body."
      > Many of you will know much more and if the above is fact or fiction. I
      don't want to jump to any conclusions about Essenes after reading Szekely,
      and finding out he was a fraud. He alleged a connection to Essenes and
      Christians. Perhaps the above could prove it, if the Gnostic-like
      principles hold.
      This is fact in the sense that Josephus writing in
      the late 1st century CE certainly said it.
      (Josephus is online at
      http://www.ccel.org/j/josephus/JOSEPHUS.HTM )
      Josephus had had dealings with the Essenes particularly
      as a young man so he should be taken very seriously.
      On the other hand Josephus was not an Essene himself
      and was writing for a non-Jewish Greek speaking
      readership. This may mean that some of what he says
      about the ideas of the Essenes ends up sounding a little
      more Greek and a little less Hebrew than was really
      the case.

      Andrew Criddle
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