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  • David C. Hindley
    ... an exact references to where in the Qumran texts such an angel is mentioned?
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 2004
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      Andrew Criddle asks of John Philipose:

      >>I can't find any such references [to an "Angel MERRARI,"] could you give
      an exact references to where in the Qumran texts such an angel is

      Not being a reader of Hebrew, the closest thing I can get is "Marar" (be
      bitter) or "Meriri" (bitter), perhaps the phrase is "angel/messenger of
      bitterness." An alternate meaning is "rebelliousness." Theodore H. Gaster,
      in his translation of the DSS (_The Dead Sea Scriptures_), includes an
      analytical index. I do not see any angels named that specifically, but he
      does mention "angels of destruction." A note says that the Samaritans speak
      similarly of "angels of perturbation" (mala'che rigzah) which would
      literally mean "messengers of insurrection."

      If these "angels of destruction" are John's "angel Merrari" then they are
      found in Manual of Discipline ix.12, Zaokite Document ii.6, and War of the
      Sons of Light with the Sons of Darkness xiii.12 & xiv.10. I have an older
      edition of Gaster, which uses now non-standard divisions and names for
      texts, but I believe an updated edition is out there that would make these
      easier to track down.

      FWIW, I found "angels of destruction" in R. H. Charles' English translation
      of the Cairo Ginezeh Zadokite Document at section 2.4, but the Hebrew word
      is "chebel" = "destruction."


      Dave Hindley
      Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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