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Re: Was Thomas written by the twin of Jesus?

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  • jmgcormier
    ... (Snip, snip, snip ...... ) Hello Stephen ! Good follow-up to Lolita s original post on Thomas the twin . Your observations are especially interesting to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2004
      --- In gthomas@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <stephen@m...> wrote:

      (Snip, snip, snip ...... )

      Hello Stephen !

      Good follow-up to Lolita's original post on Thomas "the twin".
      Your observations are especially interesting to me in the sense that
      you raise the ever important issue of the meaning of the word "twin".

      There is indeed lots of evidence throughout early writings that
      the word "twin" may not necessarily have meant exclusively a
      "biological twin" but that it may also have meant a "spiritual twin".
      It would be good to hear from the translators and etymologists on the
      list as to the likelyhood of such a use of the word in Thomas,
      although you yourself have taken a deserving stab at it.

      From among your Thomas quotes related to the meaning of "twin",
      I am especially struck by logion # 108 wherein Jesus says "... I shall
      become HE ", and not "I shall become LIKE he ...". Such an association
      between Jesus and "he who drinks from his mouth" must have sounded
      strange and unique indeed to the scribe or redactor of Thomas, and
      perhaps not having too many words at his disposal to illustrate this
      idea or concept, in his mind the closest usable word to illustrate
      this "kinship" may well have been the word "Twin". I might even add
      that I have often pondered the exactness of the word "harlot" in
      logion # 105 in the same respect (although I do know that
      ethymologically the word used in 105 does indeed mean "harlot") and
      wondered if it, in turn, might not be of another associated
      (figurative) meaning ... perhaps it has the same root or
      ethymology as "spinstress" or "widow", or some other such word having
      a special meaning or definition not commonly used or known ...

      As a final thought on Thomas, you may wish to go back to The Acts
      of Thomas (200 - 225 C.E) wherein Thomas (Didymos, the twin, the
      apaostle, the disciple ... etc.) is described as being "a slave" of
      Jesus. In fact, in this text Jesus actually "sells Thomas" to one
      Abbaness (a slave buyer from India) for the specific sum of "three
      litrae of silver". Could this be the same Thomas of GoT fame ... and
      if so, where did a "slave" learn to write (if he wrote the Gospel),
      and more importantly, how or why could/would Jesus trust him both as
      an illiterate and a "doubter" (to boot) with the secrets which will
      allow followers to "not find death" ? Hmmmm ! Is the word "slave"
      another one of those words which may mean "twin" in certain
      (special) circumstances ? There may be much more symbolism and
      "encrypticism" (not sure that's a word) in Thomas than we know at this
      pont. Perfhaps the very expression "becoming one" was another way for
      early scribes to illustrate this same (special) rapport with Jesus as
      the one used in Thomas # 108 .... "I myself shall become he ..."

      At any rate, thanks for the interesting read ...

      Maurice Cormier
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