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Re: [GTh] The Mark and Thomas Without Q Hypothesis

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      Subject: Re: [GTh] extended Farrer-Goulder hypothesis

      > Just a word to say that in the example chosen (Matt. 5.3 // Luke 6.20
      > // Thom. 54), I have argued that Luke's version of the beatitude can
      > effectively be understood as his redaction of Matthew; I would see
      > Thomas as dependent on the Lucan version of the saying. (See The
      > Case Against Q, Chapter 7, "How blessed are the poor?"). I mention
      > this because Frank is kind enough to quote from the chapter but in
      > support of a substantially different theory from the one I am putting
      > forward there.

      My intent in making the quote was to use Mark Goodacre as an authority to
      support my assertion that Luke was partial to the poor and that is *all* I
      intended. Judging by what he states above, I so vaguely worded either
      the intro to this quote or else what immediately follows the quote that
      others could (mistakenly!) think that, I was implying, he supports the
      hypothesis I have been examining. I apologize for this verbal ineptness on
      my part.


      > One further footnote -- I have argued that the term"Farrer-Goulder
      > hypothesis", which is not used by proponents of the theory, should be
      > dropped. It tends to be used for rhetorical purposes in that it ties
      > the theory to Goulder's specific version of it, and scholars
      > regularly feel more confident in arguing against Goulder's take on
      > the theory rather than against the theory itself. I therefore tend
      > to prefer "Farrer theory" though I am also comfortable with "Mark
      > Without Q" which is what Kloppenborg is now suggesting as a
      > concession to my concerns.

      Another indication that I suffer from hoof in the mouth disease! I wasn't
      aware that the term "Farrer-Goulder hypothesis" was coined by critics of the
      hypothesis and I apologize for any discomfort that my usage of this term
      caused to any of you. In the future, I will simply call it the "Farrer
      theory". Further, from now on, I will refer to the hypothesis that Matthew
      knew both Mark and Thomas and that Luke knew Mark, Thomas and Matthew as the
      "Mark and Thomas without Q hypothesis"--unless, of course, someone points
      out something objectionable about using this term.

      Frank McCoy
      1809 N. English Apt 15
      Maplewood, MN USA 55109
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