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Re: parallels to Thomas

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  • jmgcormier
    ... Hello Andrew: An interesting find . I am not familiar with the book, but are the parallels of reasonable congruency with the Coptic ... or perhaps with
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 11, 2003
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      --- In gthomas@yahoogroups.com, "sarban" <sarban@s...> wrote:
      > Using Stroker's "Extracanonical Sayings of Jesus"
      > I have been studying parallels to Thomas in early
      > Christian and Gnostic writing.
      > Preliminary Results for major sources of parallels
      > to Thomas are as follows
      > 7 parallels Liber Graduum
      > 6 parallels Clement of Alexandria Stromateis
      > Hippolytus on the Naassenes
      > Manichaean Psalm Book
      > 5 parallels Symeon (Pseudo-Macarius) Homilies
      > 4 parallels Acts of Thomas
      > Comments
      > Liber Graduum and Homilies of Symeon (Pseudo-Macarius)
      > are both Messalian works indicating the use of Thomas
      > among the Messalians.
      > The parallels from the Manichaean Psalm Book indicate
      > use of Thomas among the followers of Mani.
      > Parallels from Acts of Thomas (and 3 parallels from
      > Thomas the Contender) may indicate a general Thomas
      > tradition rather than direct dependence.
      > The parallels from book 5 of Hippolytus' Refutation of
      > Heresies indicates use of Thomas among the Naassenes.
      > The parallels from Clement's Stromateis (plus 2 from
      > the eclogae propheticae and 3 from the excerpta ex
      > theodoto) probably indicate not usage of Thomas by
      > Clement but common usage of a shared apocryphal
      > tradition. (one of the Stromateis parallels is from the
      > Gospel of the Hebrews and one from the Gospel of
      > the Egyptians.)
      > The most surprising result, as far as I was concerned,
      > is the strength of the parallels between Thomas and
      > the Messalian tradition.
      > Comments welcome.
      > Andrew Criddle
      > -----------------------------------------------

      Hello Andrew:

      An interesting "find". I am not familiar with the book, but are
      the "parallels" of reasonable congruency with the Coptic ... or
      perhaps with the Greek ?

      Would it be a big job for you to simply identify by (Coptic)
      logia numbers the parallels assignable to each of your source
      categories ?

      Seems strange to me also that there would be "strong" parallels
      with the Messalian traditions... (Th 14 ... "if you pray you will be
      condemned ...") this dosen't sound very Messalian to me in a
      doctrinal sense, although other logia might .... can you add ever so
      slightly without greatly tasking yourself ?

      Maurice Cormier
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