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[gthomas] Re: Good enforcer Mike

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  • Mike Grondin
    ... Well, yes, it s obvious to me, but that s largely because Mike (and Bill ) are familiar first-names in my cultural context, whereas Anhang is not. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 1999
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      Anhang Bill writes (in response to my confusion about his name):
      >Are you, Mike Grondin, or Grondin Mike; sort of obvious, aint it??

      Well, yes, it's obvious to me, but that's largely because 'Mike' (and
      'Bill') are familiar first-names in my cultural context, whereas 'Anhang'
      is not. I also understand that in some cultures it's traditional to give
      the last name first, so I didn't know whether to trust the order of names
      in your "from" line or not. The confusion could have been eliminated if you
      had signed your notes at the bottom, but you don't do that. I suppose I
      could have ignored the whole matter, but I like to clear up little
      mysteries like this as I go. Hope you don't mind - no insult intended.

      > A bad temper is a form of falsehood.

      The so-called "Sayings of Jesus" are an even worse falsehood. I do tend to
      get very angry when somebody (a person named 'Mike Rigby' in this case)
      plagiarizes other people's stuff, modifies it, and passes it off as
      original. Even worse, Rigby attributes it to the "Holy spirit". This is
      charlatanism pure and simple. I don't think it's possible to be too harsh
      with such a person. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, there's some rather harsh
      stuff in early Xian writings about those who "mislead the children", which
      is essentially what Rigby has done.

      As to the concept of "beatific vision", it has been said by others (and
      rightly so) that, although this may be one of many different concepts
      mentioned in early Xian writings, there's no indication that it plays any
      more of a major role in GThom than umpteen other religious concepts.
      Whether or not it plays a major role in your own personal life, or in the
      lives of others at the current time, is irrelevant to this list.

      >... for those requesting it ... I will email one particular Beatific Vision
      >account plus Jesus speaking multilingually, as indeed Generic Jesus (the
      >primal identity of us all) is indeed able to play its own game ...

      Thanks, Anhang, for giving a clear example of the kind of stuff that should
      NOT be on this list. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the above
      passage. Making fun of it would be just too easy - I think I'll just let it
      speak for itself.

      >And remember, dear Grondin, Mike, this Thomas list allows for "A certain
      >amount of general (non scholarly), discussion will be encouraged,
      >particularly if this discussion sheds any light on the text of GThomas.

      Indeed, I am aware of that section of our charter, which was, if I am not
      mistaken, intended to open a small pathway, not a 6-lane super-highway. Be
      that as it may, however, I fail to see wherein the concept of "beatific
      vision" sheds any particular light on GThom - with the possible exception
      of one saying. (If you can find that saying, Anhang, you will at least have
      made the start of a case.)

      As to me being an "enforcer", I don't think Paul will let me have that
      title formally. Besides, there are others on this list who are not about to
      let me or anyone else silence any viewpoint which they think is worthy of
      being heard. What's going on, IMO, is that several contributors are
      struggling with the idea that this is primarily a scholarly list, not a
      religious one. You don't have to be a scholar, but you should try to
      approach the subject in a scholarly way - which means that you treat the
      subject (in this case GThom) as an object of study, not as a religious
      inspiration in your own personal life. You can regard the thing as inspired
      on your own time, just not here on the list.

      With charity to all,
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