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Re: [GTh] The Sectarian Thomas

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      << received this comment from a visitor:

      Alas, these sayings have far too much of a sectarian attitude. These
      tendencies are also present (in my opinion) in the Gospel of John, but here
      they really stand out: it's "us" versus "the rest", and those others are
      ignorant. The gospel of Thomas has its historic merits, but is too
      narrowminded to be "believable" in these days.

      What do you all think about the "sectarian-ness" of GThomas? >>

      John says

      Study the Essenes for a counterpoint to Thomas. They have a really US
      versus them
      Mentality. Most Sects do.

      Within their texts There is the "You have heard that you shall Bless those
      that bless you and Curse those That curse you." It is not found in the Old
      It is found in Essene writings.

      It would appear that 1st century sects were rather Exclusive and all
      carried the US versus them connotation.

      Regards JOHN MOON
      Springfield, Tenn. 37172
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