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Re: [GTh] Pentecost and Community

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  • Tom Saunders
    Thank you Mike, I am refering to Pentacost as merely a time reference for dating the events that led to the formation of the Apostle s village. I am using
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2003
      Thank you Mike,

      I am refering to Pentacost as merely a time reference for dating the events that led to the formation of the Apostle's village. I am using the place of Mt. Olives as the place of the event which led to the formation of the Apostle's village.

      References to the Jerusalem Council places the Apostles in this village to do a specific task which seems a reasonable incentive to accept this as a historical event. Further, Josephus chronicals the existence of the Jerusalem village, and the unfortunate events of the demise of James the Just. Paul confirms the existence of the Apostle's village, and events like the demise of Stephan.

      The above references are textual. Additional information in Acts, and Philip that we have mentioned, seem to be tied to the events connecting and leading to the 'village.' These textual references are mere bits and pieces which only suggest a possible location for the events recorded. Very slim, but yet all there is we know of. (I'm not using we here for nothing)

      Lacking is archeological information. Except for the James ossuary, and any other scrap of archeological evidence that could be linked to the village, (Anyone else know of any?) we have no evidence that might suggest a specific location for the village in Jerusalem. We cannot assume on the hearesay concerning the location of the James box, and where it was found, that this would indicate the location of the village.

      On the other hand, if we were to look for more archeology, would this information suggest another place in Jerusalem to look for evidence? Could we just ignore it? Archeology to establish the location of the Apostle's village might be very difficult. Other textual references might give better clues.

      John Moon's precise references regarding the oversight's I had in figuring out Phillip 1, and Philip 2, in Acts, are very precise evidence. Cerainly less precise, would be the idea that the history of the Mt. of Olives being the place the decision was made to start the village. However this is the place where many Gospel references refer to past meetings of the Apostles and J.

      This would not establish the place of the decision to start the Apsotle's village but can you use the fact that this place establishes a pattern of behavior that would suggest a motive for using this place?

      Tom Saunders
      Platter Flats, OK

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