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Re: [GTh] Gospel of Thomas Commentary

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  • Peter Kirby
    ... Approved! ... The sayings web pages are generated with a 760 wide table, which makes it impossible to squeeze in an index on the right or left without
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 8, 2003
      On Tuesday 07 January 2003 11:38 pm, Michael Grondin wrote:
      > Peter-
      > Subject to your approval, I've added links to your main page and your
      > sayings pages to my index.


      > In split-screen mode, one will be able to view
      > both your page and mine for the same saying. In testing, I noticed that
      > your pages were (unavoidably) wider than mine. The problem can be somewhat
      > alleviated (but not eliminated) by the reader, by decreasing the width of
      > the index-area (by dragging the vertical line separating the index from the
      > main body of the page over to the right. In case anyone is unaware of it,
      > both the vertical and horizontal separator-lines on my frames presentation
      > can be moved at will, and will remain in their new location until moved
      > again, or until a new browser session is initiated.)
      > List members are cordially invited to try out this new linkage to Peter's
      > site, and to make suggestions for improvement. (In the past, Andrew
      > Bernhard has suggested a much narrower index - say only one "element" per
      > line, as opposed to the current 10 or so. I've so far resisted that
      > suggestion, since it would require the reader to do a lot more scrolling of
      > the index, and since my main content was narrow enough to allow for a wide
      > index-area. The linkage to Peter's site, however, puts a new light on the
      > issue. Any comments on that?)
      > I realize that this technical discussion isn't really on-topic, but there
      > are a number of reasons for conducting it onlist (so far) rather than off,
      > not least of which is that the list hasn't had much traffic lately, and
      > this discussion may get us going again. Surely the voyeuristic thrill of
      > listening in to the brilliant repartee of computer geeks ironing out
      > technical problems is an experience not to be missed! Seriously, though,
      > any advice or assistance with respect to the Thomas-related sites mentioned
      > on this list is most welcome.

      The sayings web pages are generated with a 760 wide table, which makes it
      impossible to squeeze in an index on the right or left without making scroll
      bars. Two solutions have come to mind.

      1. Put the navigation on top. This may be what I would do in linking to your
      site -- three rows, first with an imagemap with the saying numbers, second
      with the saying info on my site, and third with the interlinear on your site.
      Clicking on the imagemap would change both of the other frames.

      2. Make a different page layout for incorporation into your web site. This
      is made much easier by the fact that all the pages are generated on the fly
      from a script, so I only need to tweak the layout in a single file. This
      layout could eliminate the side bars for parallels and visitor comments and
      present that info in separate rows. This would cut down on the horizontal
      size and eliminate the horizontal scroll bar on an 800x600 monitor. The
      files would be accessed, for example, as grondin4.html and grondin5.html.

      Peter Kirby (Student at Fullerton College, CA)
      Mandrake Linux 9.0, kernel 2.4.19-16mdk on AMD Athlon 750
      Web Site: http://www.outofprintbooksearch.com/
      Web Site: http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/
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