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Re: [GTh] A Vignette from the SBL: How I almost met Bill Arnal

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  • Grondin
    ... Turns out that membership in the SBL is open to anyone with fifty bucks (per year). Rick Hubbard told me about that, and so I went ahead and joined up, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 29, 2002
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      [Frank McCoy]:
      > Speaking as an amateur myself, how did you manage to get into this
      > professional scholars meeting?

      Turns out that membership in the SBL is open to anyone with fifty bucks (per
      year). Rick Hubbard told me about that, and so I went ahead and joined up,
      and then decided to see what these annual meetings were all about -
      especially since this one was in Toronto, not far from my home base in
      southeast Michigan. My name-badge was a problem, since one's affiliation was
      printed below the name, and I had originally specified 'independent', rather
      than 'unaffiliated', on the SBL membership questionaire. It didn't take me
      long to realize that "Michael Grondin - Independent" was unseemly (to say
      nothing of dorky), so I went back and had them remove the affiliation line.
      After that, I felt less self-conscious. In fact, a Canadian student-member
      later told me that he wondered whether I might not be so important that I
      didn't need an affiliation-line!

      > Did you have to disguise yourself to look
      > like a professor--like maybe wearing socks that don't match or smoking a
      > pipe instead of cigarettes?

      Professors come in all shapes and sizes, Frank. I actually fit the
      stereotype more than some of them do. Michael Waldstein (co-editor of _The
      Apocryphon of John_), for example, could easily have been mistaken for a
      businessman, from what I saw of him. Plus, there was a mixture of AAR (Am.
      Academy of Religion) folks with the same type of name-badge, since this was
      a joint meeting, so that made it even more difficult to get a mental picture
      of the "average" SBL member.

      > Were you able to get a copy of [Smith's] paper? Has it been published?
      > If so, where?

      I assume it hasn't been published, since it seemed to have been specifically
      prepared for the members of this seminar. I didn't get a copy of it, either.
      There may have been extras available, but they weren't passed out to the
      (sparse) audience, and I didn't ask for one. Bill has one, I'm sure.

      > What is the basis for his remark that Tyre and Galilee were unthinkable
      > apart from each other?

      I don't know. Might have been hyperbole.

      > I hear you on the difficulties of remembering, even for a short period of
      > time, exactly what another person said.

      Yeah, unless the listener is proficient in short-hand, you can't keep up
      with the speaker, so you jot down what strikes you as being important. But
      then the person keeps on talking, so you're half-listening to what he/she is
      saying now and half trying to recall exactly what he said earlier that you
      thought was important. I wrote down 'great' at first, but then I thought
      that sounded wrong - that he must have said 'big' instead. Then I couldn't
      remember. I don't think, however, that this is similar to the GJohn case,
      cuz I think that "John" had no interest at all in trying to accurately
      represent J's actual words.

      Mike Grondin
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