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Re: [GTh] Coptic Font Standard

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  • Peter Kirby
    ... From: Rick Hubbard To: Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 4:46 AM Subject: RE: [GTh] Coptic Font Standard
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      Subject: RE: [GTh] Coptic Font Standard

      > [Peter wrote:]
      > By the way, does anyone know whether a critical edition of the Sahidic New
      > Testament has been attempted since George Horner in 1911-1924? Also, do
      > know where I might be able to obtain the Sahidic translation of the New
      > Testament, either by Horner or someone else?
      > A reprint of Horner's work is available from Good Books (2456 Devonshire
      > Road, Springfield IL, 62703). I have not seen it but according to the
      > catalog it contains both Bohairic and Sahidic dialects, consists of 11
      > volumes (of approximately 550 pages each), has a massive critical
      > and sells for $425.00. Good books deals exclusively in reprints of
      > that is the public domain, so presumably this Coptic NT is not copyrighted
      > either.

      It is not copyright because it was published before 1923. Or, if published
      before 1963, the copyright was not renewed.

      > So Peter, how long would it take you to put THIS on your web site?

      At present, I do not have the funds to get Horner's books. However, if
      someone were to lend me the books, I could have them online in images within
      30 days and then ship them back to the lender. Once they are in images,
      then perhaps others could help me with digitizing the work.

      So does anyone want to get the Coptic NT and lend me the books for a month?
      If someone were to do that for me, I would also be sure to scan six books in
      Coptic that are available at my university library.

      Peter Kirby

      Early Christian Writings - 30 to 200
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