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Re: Noel Freedman and Andrew Smith

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  • smithand44
    ... should I ... where ... Hello Peter, I checked on what s happening with Amazon, and the story is this: they have only just ordered copies from Ulysses
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      --- In gthomas@y..., "Peter Kirby" <kirby@e...> wrote:

      > I eagerly await more information on Andrew Smith's book. Andrew,
      should I
      > buy the book on Amazon? If I do, when should it arrive? If not,
      > should I get it?
      > Maybe I am too eager to buy these books, sight unseen. :-)
      > best,
      > Peter Kirby

      Hello Peter,

      I checked on what's happening with Amazon, and the story is this:
      they have only just ordered copies from Ulysses Books, hence the 1-2
      weeks wait. Once Amazon receive the books, they will add a scan of
      the cover, publisher's blurb etc. Then the book will be available
      from Amazon with the usual 24 hours shipping wait. If you really want
      a copy sooner than that, you can email me and I can sort it out for

      The book itself isn't intended to make a contribution to the
      scholarship. It's aimed at the spirituall-interested reader, and it's
      the first English edition of Thomas that can fit in your pocket. It's
      very well designed, and illustrated with Rembrandt etchings.

      The introduction offers a readable and colourful overview of the
      discovery of Thomas, dating, relationship to the synoptics,
      authorship, the figure of Thomas, etc., trying to explain the basic
      reasons for everything. It's aimed at people who might not have read
      any Thomas or NT scholarship, even the most basic stuff, and who
      might initially be suspicious of scholars' conclusions.

      Then you get some excerpts from Genesis 1-3, so you can see where
      Thomas is getting his imagery from. Then the translation. As I've
      mentioned before, I harmonise the pOxy fragments and Coptic version
      where possible; I also emend the text where this seems reasonable:
      e.g., I actually move the question in 6a to precede 14, where it is
      answered. I reverse the ending of #7 as per Guillamont et al. 77b
      appears after 77a, as in the NHL version, AND after 30, as in the
      pOxy fragment. Also, my translation tries to bring out Thomas'
      repetitive imagery, some of which disappears in other translations,
      thus giving a more unified feel to the collection. I include a few
      notes at the end to explain some of my decisions.

      In the final essay I give a reading of Thomas, comparing it to a
      modern psychological/mystical system, known as the Fourth Way or
      Gurdjieff/Ouspensky system.

      There will also be a website to accompany the book, with extracts
      from the book and some extra material. I'll include an essay on
      translating Thomas, with notes on some of my translational decisions
      and brief reviews of most of the English translations of Thomas. Plus
      I'll put up some short pieces on the more obscure sayings in Thomas --
      lion/man, five trees, images, etc.,--and probably some more
      esoterically/spiritually oriented interpretive stuff. And links, of

      Best Wishes

      Andrew Smith
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