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  • Jack Kilmon
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      > The Coptic Mark....
      > The following is from Easton's Bible Dic.
      > "At a later period he (Mark) was with Peter in Babylon (1 Pet. 5:13),
      then, and for some centuries afterwards, one of the chief seats of Jewish
      learning; and he was with Timothy in Ephesus when Paul wrote him during his
      second imprisonment (2 Tim. 4:11). He then disappears from view."
      > We know now that Mark founded the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt. The
      Copts claim to have the oldest surviving Gospel which is written by Mark. I
      am wondering if those of this group who do translations have looked at this
      Gospel for comparison? http://www.coptic.net/EncyclopediaCoptica/
      > I do not know if the text is available at this site except for a picture
      of the first page.

      Its really not necessary to translate, Tom. Old fashioned, garden variety
      palaeography will do. That manuscript is somewhere around 9th century CE.

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