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Re: [GTh] same Salome?

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  • Jack Kilmon
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      > I read in the Catholic Enayclopedia that Salome was the daughter of Herod
      Philip and Herodias, at whose request John the Baptist was beheaded.
      > Was this Salome, the same Salome as in the Gospel of Thomas #61?

      No. Salome was Jesus' aunt, Mary's sister, who bounced around with her
      favorite nephew and helped with the finances. She was the wife of Zebedee
      and the mother of James (the greater) and John...at least according to the

      > My next questions:
      > Is it questionable whether a disciple named "Salome" ever existed?

      No reason to be, Mentioning her along with the wife of Herod's Steward and
      Susanna and the "other Mary" (also an aunt) would have no literary or
      theological purpose.

      > Salome`s place within the early Church is a Gnostic one, and outside Egypt
      a Salome first appers in Infancy James in the middle of the second century -
      in a Johannine context
      > Is Salome an avatar of Salomon`s Wisdom, a gnostic myth made flish in
      > In fact, Salome`s very name is Gnostic.
      > King Shlomo (Gk. "Solomon") was proverbial in the Old Testament for
      wisdom, and in Gnostic thought Wisdom was female.

      I dunno. Shalomzion was a popular name in late 2nd temple times judging by
      Ossuarial inscriptions...probably honoring Salome Alexandra. After all, you
      didn't get too many female rulers of Judea.

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