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  • Jack Kilmon
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      > The following is from Thomas the Contender.....
      > "The secret words that the savior spoke to Judas Thomas which I, even I,
      Mathaias, wrote down, while I was walking, listening to them speak with one
      another. "
      > Could the reference here to 'Mathaias' actually be a reference to Matthew?
      I believe this reference is made in the times Jesus was around the Sea of
      Galilee. If so can this be a case for Matthew having
      > written other things like the 'Q" and possibly the first Gospel or at
      least a predecessor to it. (them)?

      The disciple Matthew, a tax collector...actually a franchised border customs
      agent, is presented in the gospels as some stranger to whom Jesus sashays up
      and says. "Hey feller! Follow me!" upon which Matthew drops his shekels and
      tetradrachms and tags along. A closer inspection of the Gospels and
      Eusebius tell us that Matthew is the brother of James, the "Lesser" and both
      sons of the "other Mary" who is the wife of Cleophas/Clopas/Alphaeus, the
      brother of Joseph. Hence, Alphaeus, in Aramaic HALFA (the H is done in the
      bottom of the throat), is Jesus' Uncle and Matt and Jimmy are Jesus cousins.
      Matthew's name, in Aramaic, would therefore have been Mattaya bar Halfa and
      little Jimmy would have been Ya'akov bar Halfa (haZora). I guess this means
      that Little Jimmy and Jesus' brother Jimmy were named after their mutual
      grandfather, Joseph's father "Ya'akov/Jimmy"

      I'm getting to your question...flow with me.

      Since the Zebedee (Zebediya) boys were the sons of Zebediya and Mary's
      sister Salome, it seems that "Jake the Great" and Johnny, the "thunder kids"
      were also Jesus' cousins which would make Thaddeus a cuz too. Some think
      that "Jude Thomas" or Yehudah Toma (Jude the twin) was Jesus' little brother
      Jude so in a large part, Jesus and his disciples appear to have been a
      family enterprise.

      Since the Matthias Luke speaks of that was the pinch hitter for Iscariot
      didn't come along till after Jesus' death, I suppose that Thomas the
      Contender's Matthaias is indeed Aramaic Mattaya. Now Matthew is the
      compiler of the "Logia" according to Papias, quoted by Eusebius but not the
      author of the Gospel Matthew which was composed by a Syrian Greek speaking
      diaspora Jew (probably in Antioch). That Gospel may have been attributed to
      Matthew because it uses "Q" as a source document and "Q" may have been a
      Greek translation of the real Matthew's Logia. So all the real Matthew
      contributes to the Gospel of Matthew is the Jesus said stuff.

      Now it gets complicated. The Gospel of the Nazarenes/Hebrews was an Aramaic
      document that was used by the Nazarenes and their descendents, the
      Ebionites. They called THIS Gospel "Matthew" under the understanding that
      the REAL Matthew did write it.

      The Gospel of Thomas has been associated with the other Thomas writings for
      some time..getting serious for a sec...but I don't believe it was part of
      the same literary or community genre as the "Acts of Thomas, Thomas the
      Contender, etc.," purely Gnostic fantasy stories. Whhat shreds are
      historical? It's anyone's guess, if any.

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