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Re: [GTh] GTH 1: Ten Questions and Two Notes

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    ... Of course yes, it s important to have the citations, and a dozen well chosen books can make a huge difference (and needn t be too expensive if you re
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 19, 2001
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      --- In gthomas@y..., "Rick Hubbard" <rhubbard@m...> wrote:
      > {Andrew wrote:(regarding absence of citations of secondary
      > sources):]
      > I think that's really the correct way to approach lists like
      > this.
      > Referrals to secondary literature are obviously helpful and
      > important
      > but usually beyond reach. But if we argue things back and forth
      > we
      > improve our reasoning and can often come to something.
      > I understand what you say about the "inaccessibility issue." I
      > customarily try to include such citations precisely because I
      > know most folk can't get access to most of this stuff. By
      > including such citations, it seems to me that it helps convey
      > some sense of what contemporary scholarship is thinking and
      > saying. It has the added advantage of sorting out, for list
      > members, the difference between what "Rick says" and what
      > qualified professional scholars say (the other benefit is that if
      > I say something particularly controversial, I can always
      > attribute it to someone else <grin>).
      Of course yes, it's important to have the citations, and a dozen well
      chosen books can make a huge difference (and needn't be too expensive
      if you're willing to search the internet for bargains. As an aside,
      Ron Cameron's "The Other Gospels" seems to be remaindered at the
      moment and there are a number of copies on half.com from $5-$10.)

      I was thinking more of the thread-killing "see his ground breaking
      article in the Aberystwyth Theological Review of May 1924" and that
      sort of thing, giving a reference that few of us can follow up with
      no hint of the arguments contained therein.

      Best Wishes

      Andrew Smith
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