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  • Jeffrey Glen Jackson
    Rick Hubbard wrote with regard to our discussion about electronic texts ... I wrote to Bob Prichard at Logos about this, and gave him a long list of English
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Rick Hubbard wrote with regard to our discussion about electronic texts
      and Logos:
      > Now that you've let THIS cat out of the bag, guess what? You are my first
      > choice of the candidates who should plead this case to the fine folks at
      > Logos! If you can once get something that resembles more than a polite nod,
      > I'd be willing to bet *someone* could conjure up the necessary cost figures
      > to entice Brill into cooperation.

      I wrote to Bob Prichard at Logos about this, and gave him a long list
      of English translations of Gnostic Texts, NT Apocrypha, DSS,
      OT Pseudepigrapha, and other texts that having in electronic
      format would be very desirable (original language would be too, but
      I don't know Coptic, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Slavic, Latin, and a host of other
      languages some of these texts are in, so those are of less interest
      to me). Here is Bob's reply:

      > For the most part we publish books that A) users ask for and B) that we can
      > get rights to from the publishers. (Sometimes this is an obstacle with the
      > big publishers like some of those you've listed. They're so large that
      > they've got fully developed (if sometimes misguided :-) ) electronic
      > publishing strategies of their own and won't license to companies like us at
      > all, or on any reasonable terms. Feel free to encourage them to make their
      > books available in our format -- we're happy to help them.)
      > I'm submitting your suggestion list to our "rights and permissions" manager
      > and we'll see what we can do.
      > Remember, the fact that we may know one area better doesn't mean we aren't
      > interested in publishing in other areas -- just that we need more advice on
      > what's worth doing there.

      As I read it, this boils down to these points:

      1) you have to let Logos know there is a scholarly market for these works

      2) you have to let the publishers know that not only do you want these works
      in electronic format, but that you don't want each publisher persuing their own

      90% of the work is getting the text online in the first place. Transforming
      the format after that is little effort. They should try to get their stuff in as many
      formats as possible. They need to understand that having all ones books under
      one engine to do unified searching. One of the powers of an engine like Logos is
      its is oriented towards Bible type searches. For example, Logos formated books
      have cross references tagged so that if you want to find all references to Genesis
      43:5, you can search for the reference instead of searching for the
      spelling of the reference, which you may or may not find (if the
      reference in the book is Ge 43:1-10, the reference search for Gen 43:5 will find it).
      Other Logos type features are things like keylinking. Since Logos knows the language
      of each word, it can look up the word in the language specific lexicons/dictionaries
      that you have. Imagine having the Nag Hammadi texts in Coptic, and three
      Coptic lexicons online. Double click on any coptic word, and all three coptic
      dictionaries immediately turn to that word. (actually, the current version of Logos
      only keylinks to one dictionary at a time, but Titus does as many as you want at a time).
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