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Re: [gthom] Dating Thomas by Paul's usage

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  • Jack Kilmon
    ... From: kirk wilson To: Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2001 9:58 AM Subject: Re: [gthom] Dating Thomas by
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      Subject: Re: [gthom] Dating Thomas by Paul's usage

      > Mark's "sayings notes" (perhaps
      > >taken down from Simon/Kefa's reminiscences) may have taken on a life
      > >its own. The attribution to Thomas, like the attributions of the other
      > >works,
      > >means nothing.
      > -wrote Jack
      > Jack, are you saying that Peter may have been the 'author' of Thomas?
      > can I go to learn more about this?

      It had long been held by many scholars that the Gospel of Mark constituted
      the "memoirs" of Peter as cited by some of the patristics. GMark, however,
      is very
      polemical to the disciples and family and hence a dichotomy existed. It
      more sense that the "reminiscences" of Peter/Kefa to Mark (whom Peter called
      his "son) were remembered apophthegms and aphorisms of Jesus which later
      as source material for the completed Gospel, not necessarily authored by THE
      John Mark who took the notes.

      First you may want to read the references to Mark in Eusebius and also
      by Clement of Alexandria. and by Origen and Jerome.

      I do not, however, think you will find references to GoT being authored by
      Peter. It is only my position that the GoT MIGHT have had its origins in the
      notes of Mark accounting for the GoT parallels in Mark.

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