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The Man and the All

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  • Jim Bauer
    This is in reply to Mike s recent comments on the Man . Since then I ve been wondering if the Man might possibly be a reference to the Gnostic idea of the
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      This is in reply to Mike's recent comments on "the Man". Since then I've been wondering if "the Man" might possibly be a reference to the Gnostic idea of "the Anthropos", an idea which goes back at least as far as the "Apocalypse of Adam". It is the concept that the entire cosmos is found in the body of a man. For example, in alchemy, which was in large part derived from Gnosticism, "veins" of metal within the Earth were assumed to be there because the body possesses veins.

      I apologize if an alchemical example is used here but I have more familiarity with it than Greek philosophy. However, it does show the persistence of the idea, especially since these supposedly X-ian alchemists seem unaware that they are propagating Gnostic philosophy. Same goes for the Islamic alchemists.

      To bolster the argument that the "man" sayings may refer to what Jesus allegedly said here, I'd like to refer to #77: "I am the All". The apparently literal statement used here probably means a metaphor instead, "I am a symbol of the All". I believe this may have been an insertion on the part of a later editor as people rarely refer to themselves as symbols.

      So if the "Man" sayings can be treated as Anthroposophical where did they originate? Did J borrow them from a Greek source? Were they added later by someone who _was_ familiar with the philosophy? Or are they a case of independent invention?

      Jim Bauer

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