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Re: "Take your cross" GTh 55 correction

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  • Jon Peter
    I wrote to Jack But translating this as to set aside the family instead of hating them, really doesn t alter the basic sense, which is, be ruthless and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2000
      I wrote to Jack"

      But translating this as 'to set aside' the family instead of 'hating' them, really doesn't alter the basic sense, which is, be ruthless and inconsiderate. What impresses me is that "take up the cross" is linked to making your family suffer, and then Jesus proceeds to start blasting the Temple game in carrying out his own prescription. But Mark has been explicit enough in making the link to show signs of conscious awareness of the allusion. He's just passing along what Q or Thomas said. - Jon

      In the next-to-last sentence I meant to say "But Mark has not been..." - J.

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