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Re: [gthomas] Dialogue of the Saviour

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  • Andrew Smith
    ... Very interesting list Tom. I ve just gone through it without looking anything up and I can see a number of parallels. As you ll see, there are actually
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2000
      on 9/28/00 7:03 AM, Tom Ragland at tomragland@... wrote:

      > One document preserved by the monks at Nag Hammadi is the Dialogue of the
      > Saviour. It is only preserved in this one copy in a fragmented state.
      > Before this 1945 find, it was never heard of or referenced. Nag Hammadi
      > Library was preserved around 350 AD. This is the fifth document in codex
      > (book) three.
      > My first reaction was that the feel is more like the Gospel of John than the
      > synoptic gospels. There are a few more Gnostic concepts than found in the
      > Gospel of Thomas.

      Very interesting list Tom. I've just gone through it without looking
      anything up and I can see a number of parallels. As you'll see, there are
      actually many synoptic parallels. But I don't have GJohn quite as much at
      the tip of my tongue (or fingers) so I might just be missing the Johannine
      parallels. But the material does seem to be common to a number of different
      Xtian traditions...

      > (1) Now the time is at hand brothers for us to abandon our work and take a
      > rest.

      Seems like the rest/repose of Thomas et al.

      > (1) I opened the Way and taught them about the Gate which they will enter
      > through.
      Synoptic--Narrow is the gate, strait the way, etc.

      > (8) The lamp of the body is the psyche. As long as the inner you is kept in
      > order, the outer you, the body, will be full of light.

      > (10,12) The one who has sought is the one who now reveals. The one who
      > speaks has to have first listened. The one who reveals has to have first
      > had a vision.

      Sounds like a variation on seek & ye shall find/Thomas 1

      > (14,34) If one does not stand in the darkness he will not be able to see the
      > light.

      > (20) Let the one who has authority renounce it and repent.
      Sounds like Thomas's renouncing the world
      > (30) Everyone who has known himself has seen goodness in everything he does.
      > (34) You are from the place where the hearts speak out of joy. In truth
      > this is your very existence.
      > (35) If one fails to understand fire, he will get burned. If one fails to
      > understand water, he should not swim. If one fails to understand wind, he
      > will be blown away. If one fails to understand the origin and purpose of
      > the body one is wearing, he will die with it.
      Sounds like Gospel of Philip
      > (38) Like a vision of a loud flash of lightning will the good be taken to
      > the light.
      Son of Man like lightning in the east etc.
      > (44) Save the part of you can lasts. Seek it out and speak from within it.
      > When you are striving through it, everything will be in harmony for you.

      > (50) You will rule over the archons (demons). Ridding yourself of jealousy,
      > you will be clothed in light and enter the bridal chamber (the wedding
      > feast).
      Synoptic/Thomas/Philip/wisdom/Gnostic bridal chamber

      > (52) The clothing of life are given to the one who has discovered the Way by
      > which he will leave.

      clothing is everywhere

      > (55) You are from the Pleroma (fullness, heaven) and you live in the realm
      > of emptiness.


      > (57) When the living part leaves the dead part then the living part will be
      > called on.
      Thomas likes living & dead too, v.Thomasine

      > (59) What is born again from Truth will never die (pneuma, spirit). What is
      > born from a woman must die (body).

      This also occurs in the Gospel of the Egyptians in patristic citings. Also,
      "born of woman" in Thomas, synoptics, John, Paul etc.

      > (66,68) You may find rest as soon as you let go of your burdens. When you
      > abandon that which cannot follow you, then you will find the path of rest.

      repose etc., plus "my burden is light" synoptic

      > (70) Seeking out Life is the true treasure. The gold and silver of the
      > world are only misleading.

      Synoptic/Thomas treasure

      > (74) The gate to the way is made of love and goodness. If one of the
      > archons had have discovered this gate, evil would not have come into being.

      Andrew Smith
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