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Re: [gthomas] Re: Kuchinsky's GThom dating argument

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  • Isidoros
    ... Not unlike, let us say, of the certainty in mainstream scholarship of the Catholic Middle Ages, say, about the relative movement and the positions of the
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 22, 2000
      To "lost" Donald David McCann's:

      > > I am getting lost here [...] I just don't understand this last exchange.
      > > How can anybody debate if Jesus was Jewish?
      > > Is everything up for debate in moderm scholarship?

      offered Rick Hubbard, on 7 Aug 2000:

      >With respect to the "Jewishness of Jesus," that seems to be one of those
      >topics about which there is a good deal of certainty in mainstream

      Not unlike, let us say, of the "certainty in mainstream scholarship"
      of the Catholic Middle Ages, say, about the relative movement and
      the positions of the Sun and Gaia and of the planets. Ask Galileo Galilei.

      >But that relative certainty does not preclude debate on the
      >issue. On one hand some dispute his "Jewishness" because to accept that
      >conclusion would somehow interfere with their own assumptions or
      >eccentric indulgences. Others, as I suggested, debate the issue simply
      >because they are uninformed about the strength of the evidence which
      >suggest that he *was* Jewish.

      You don't say! Two possibilities, neatly taking care the all. How
      wonderfully simple, and all exhaustive are the two solutions,
      and how easily disposing of the"uninformed" "debaters". So didactic.

      >In any case, hang in there and always feel free to ask for

      who apologizes here (too) for the lateness to re-enter the fray-- and,
      remembers, especially in lieu of the above offered "clarifications",
      that has indeed asked for a certain "definitions" ("please" he pleaded)
      before long. Yet, all one continues to read are the same "historical
      suppositions". This 2000 years o()d debate goes on in part because
      people will not question the "given".
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